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Mae Hong Son | Chiang Mai


Trekking is the major activity. Many agents operate here offering various programs incl elephant riding, rafting. If the Trekking tour does not include elephant riding and rafting, it gets very cheap, such as 400B/day. There are 3 major locations for rafting. Long-neck village is 3 hrs away. Ask travel agent.
S1 Hot Spring: 8km SE from Pai. In the National Park. It is hilly road but accessible by bicycle. From the bus station go S and turn left at the first road, cross the bridge. 8km from the Pai after 2 spa resorts and a few elephant camps. Natural spring. fee 200B, bicycke 10B, motor bike 20B They have 2 bath room(M/F separated) but the water is too hot. To see just a hotspring pond, you can see at the gate.
S2 Pai Spa Camp: 88-84/1 Moo 2, Tambol Mae Hee, Mae Hong Son T053-693267, Near the natural hot spring above. They have large spa pools(hot medium, cold). 50B. Very good. The quality is Japanese standard. Highly Rec. Accommodation is possible ab f d600B+, a/c d1000B+ bf
S3 Spa Exotic Home: just after the Pai Spa Camp. T01-79351 They have many small open-air bath tubs in a garden. You can control the temperature. 30B. Accommodation from 300B off season and 500B high season.
S4 Elephant Camps: on the way to the hot spring. elephant ride 600B for 2 persons for 1 hr.
Day tour: elephant ride, raft, hot spring
1600B dep 9:00
2 Day 1 night tour
S5 Waterfalls: 7km W from Pai. Go W directly from the bus stop. It is always uphill. It is very hard to get there by bicycle. If you go by bicycle, get a good one with good gears and breaks. During rainy season, last 4km, after the Lisu village(see below) gets very muddy, even by motor bike, it is hard. Waterfalls is medium size, about 12m high, running down on the rocks.
S6 Lisu village: Many Lisu, Lahu and Karen villages near Pai. But this village is very accessible. 4km from the town on the way to the water falls. Many people ware traditional dresses. All laundry are also traditional one. Could be more worth visiting than the waterfalls above. Paved road to this village.
S7 Cave Lod: 8km from Sopon, 51km from the Pai toward Mae Hong Son. Beautiful caves with a few bungalow GHs. 100B for night.

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