Area Code 053 $1=38.0B, June 14, 2006

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Mae Hong Son | Chiang Mai


We have not fully evaluated restaurants in Pai yet. However most of the food here are quite adjusted to foreign taste. Prices are very cheap, probably cheapest in Thailand and quantity is large and the quality is also very good.
r1 Thai Food Restaurant: at the bus stop. Basic food for foreigners. Very cheap. It could be cheapest in Thailand. American Breakfast 30B (1 eggs, 1 wheat bread toasts, jam and butter, huge mug coffee and salad). shake 20B
h Duang GH: serving nice cakes.
r2 Tunve Restaurant: on the Main Rd. E side. just S from Hot spring Rd. Food is good and the coffee is Arabica, excellent. 20B with huge mag cup. Highly Rec.
r3 All about Coffee: on the Waterfalls Rd. North Side. W from Main Rd. Many different coffee and cakes. Good cafe, 30B+
r4 Prik-Waan: waterfall Rd + 2 nd Main Rd. It looks like the most expensive restaurant in Pai. It is the most expensive but the taste is good. meal from 45B
r5 Happy Yim: Main rd, just N from Waterfalls rd. W side. Mexican, drink 20B+, meal 60-100B it says Lonely planet recommends
s1 Super market: on the main road, S from the bus stop intersection. tables are set in front of the shop. Cakes and coffees are service with cheap 20B+, cakes 15-30B Rec
r6 Angie Kitchen: Main road, W side, S from the supermarket. Very nice with local atmosphere. local food, juice 25B, set menu 60B Cheap and good food. Highly Rec.

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