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Mae Hong Son | Chiang Mai


The bus station is N part of the town, located N of the street.



Waterfalls Rd.
E from the bus station(Go out and turn left.)
h1 Duang GH: #5 Rungsiyanon, opp from the bus stop. T053-699101. sbHW d150, ab 200, bungalow d300, CTV d500B, HW C3 R large rooms but basic.
h2 Abodaya: T053-699133, 10m E from the bus stop. ab 300B+, HW C4. confortable size
h3 Pai the Sky GH: M3, left side, a bit off from the street, opp from Abodaya. T053-698145, ab HW s150 d180 C3. nice size.
h4 Blue House: #33 M3, T053-699401, ab d200 PC HW C4. Each room has a small table, chairs, towel, soup free morning coffee/tea .Rec.
h5 Pai Nature Trek: #39 M3, T017-63753. f ab d1250-300B HW C4 PC large rooms
h6 Rim-Pai: end of the road. f ab HW CTV fr d600B(HS1500) HW C4

off Waterfalls Rd.
As you walk out from the bus station, walk left and turn left at a temple. This small street goes to a river.
h7 Family House: #96 M3, T09-7002362, sb s100B d150B C1-2 R toilets and showers are OK. Cheap bamboo huts in a open garden. Relaxing restaurant. Good cheap option.
h8 Breeze of Pai GH: #131 M3,, f ab d150B(normal 250-300) No reiview due to the construction.
h9 Golden Hut: #107 M3, After Breeze, the road reach a river. Turn left. T053-699949, f sb d100, ab d2-500B C2 sb-d rooms have twin rooms. Good place to share with someone to save money
h10 Laab Fun Bee GH: f ab HW d300 C3. a clean cheap looking wooden villa style house. Very nice huge wooden deck communal space with chairs. View to the river. But a bit over priced.

River Road E end of Waterfalls Rd.
From the bus station walk E to the end, and turn right. A few middle class guest houses are along the river.
h11 Baan Pai Village: #88 M3, T053-698152,, f ab HW d3-400B C3. Designed but cheap bungalows.
h12 Villa de Pai: #87/1 M3, T053-699109, sb d200, ab HW d250B C3

Cross the river (2001 info)
From the bus station walk E and turn left at a temple to the river. After passing Breeze, there is a small banboo bridge to cross the river. There are a few GHs but due to the flood, this bridge has been washed away. No review.
h13 Berm's GH: After pass Wee, cross the river and walk 50m. bungalows sb 80 HW R ma C2 basic.
h Pai Watershed: just after Bern's bungalow, continue walking 5 min. you will see the bungalows on the hill on the left. sb s70, d120, HW R C4. Excellent staff and excellent view to all the valley. Highly Rec.

Street E from the Main road (M4)
A street paralel to Main street, just E from it. As you come out from the bus station walk E(left) and turn right at the first corner of Abodhaya
h15 Pravee House: #95 Chaisongkram, T053-699368, f ab d200(HS d250), CTV fr d300B(400) C4 PC free morning coffee/tea large clean rooms with large porches with chairs Highly Rec
h16 Palm House: accessible from Main road as well. See Main Rd.
h17 Poh Kumnan House: opp from Hiccup internet cafe, old ab f d150 C2, new ab d200 C3 basic but a bit better
h18 Ever Green GH: #220 Wan Chalem 2 Rd. T06-2012448. ab HW s150, d200 C4. clean comfortable size rooms
h19 Bonanza: #230 M4, T04-0451412, f ab s150 d200 C4 New rooms. Some have rofts. A pond in a garden. Rec

Main Street
As you walk out from the bus station, walk right. The first crossing street is the Main street. The first 2 GHs are N from the intersection. The others are in the S part of the main street.
h20 Nunya's House: on the E of the main road., T053-699383, f ab CTV d200 C4 large rooms rb(40B) Rec
h21 Tonsa GH: on the E of the main road., T053-698229, f ab d d150, PTC d200, a/c d400B C4 clean nice rooms in a garden Rec
h22 Nunya's House: 84/1 M1 (Rungsiyanon Rd) W side, just opp from Duang GH. T053-699395, sb d150, ab sd250 R HW C3 basic.
h23 Charlie's House: #9 M1(Rungsiyanon Rd.) E side, S from the Bank. T053-699039. sb HW dr100 C2, f s100 d150 C2, ab PC d300 C3-4. relaxing garden with a table and chairs. clean Rec.
h24 Palm House: #3 M1 E side, T053-699074 or 614022, ab HW d200, fr CTV d250, a/c d400 C4 PCT large rooms and porches. Beautiful garden. Rec.
h25 Swan House: M4, S from the traffic light. E side, T06-1966853, f ab d250 C3 Concret rooms. Large but very hard to use. Hard to believe LP Rough guide recommend this.
h26 Blue Lodge: #277 M4 S from the traffic light, W side, T053-699998,.ab HW CTV d500-600 HW.C5 sw basic.

Supermarket's alley
At the supermarket on the Main road, turn to a small alley to W
h27 Wahlin house: T053-699239. f sb HW d150 C2, large ab d250 C4 Sauna, hot jacuzzi, large common space. The most relaxing guest house in town Highly Rec Sauna for non guests 50B from 19:00
h28 Apple Homestay: just W from Wahlin house,.sb s150 d200 C3 The owner is a Japanese. He is preparing to offer Japanse food near future.

Hot Spring Rd
Walk down S from the bus station on the main road. You will see a traffic light. Turn left. There are a few good GH on this road
h30 Tayai's: opp from the school. f ab d200 C4 large clean rooms. Rec
h31 Take a sSeat: Almost near the bridge. T053-699023, f ab CTV DVD free washing locker, bf free bicycle, free @ for 1 hr d250 C4 Incredible deal but not many rooms. Highly Rec

River side SW from the bridge
Just W from the bridge, there is a small alley to S
h32 Baantawan GH: T053-698116, river side,, sb d150, ab d200. bungalow PCH d300 C4 basic bungalows
h33 Pai River Lodge: river side, sb d150 C2 PH cheap basic bamboo huts but it has a beautiful relaxing 2F bar, free sw at Farmers Home swimming pool. Cross the bridge and walk 200m further. 9-19:00
h34 PS Riverside: river side, T053-698095, sb d150B mos-net C1-2 PH Like Pai Riverlodge, they have cheap bamboo huts but it has a beautiful relaxing bar.
h35 Golden Huts: not river side, sb d150B C2, ab d200 C3

SE on the Hot spring Rd. and cross the bridge. (2001 info)
h Farmers Home: turn to left at the sign.1km from the center. Bungalows sb d50, ab d100, CW, R C3. Food is reported very good.
h Sun Hut GH: Go further on Hot spring Rd.first GH on the right. sb 90-120, ab 200, sbHW C3
h Mae Yen GH: Go little further than Sun Hut. ab d100 sbHW. C3. New bungalow. Basic Excellent view. Small restaurant only for day time.

Go NW on waterfalls Rd. after the 2 nd Main Rd. (2001 info)
h Mountain Blue: T699282, bungalows ab d100 R C3 rooms are large and comfortable. Large garden. Rec.
h Fruit Garden: 1.5km from the bus stop. Bungalows sb50 ab100 R C3 sbHW. 100B bungalows are large. Beautiful setting in a small valley and a river. Ideal place for longer stay. Free fruit. Always full so make sure they have a room before hand. Highly Rec

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