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Mae Hong Son | Chiang Mai


Main Rd(Rungsiyanon Rd.): Bus from Chiang Mai entering the town from S and runs on the Main Rd. to N and turn to E to the bus station.
2 nd Main Rd.(Khetkelang Rd): running N to S, one street W from the Main Rd.. Buses from Mae Hong Son enter the town on this street and turn left(E) to the bus station.
Waterfalls rd.(Chaisongkram Rd.) The street of the bus stop, W to the hospital and E to the river. Many guest houses are on this street.
Hot spring rd. (Raddamrono Rd) one major street S from Waterfalls rd, running W to E where the city hall is located. This road is passing over the river and heading to the hot spring.

! Warning:
During the rainy season, mosquito and malaria are problem here.

i information office: At the town hall on Hot spring rd. Go S on the main road and turn W(right). 8-20:00. You can get some information and free maps. Also a big map board is just next to the bus stop. There are many maps available from various places but none of the free maps are correct. Expect some errors on any map. One of the better one is from AYa motor bike service on Waterfalls rd, E from the bus stop.
$ Banks / Exchange: Krung Thai Banks: just S from the bus station. M-F 8:30-15:30. During Sa Su some travel agents can change money but only cash.
$a ATM: on Krung Thai Bank, Master Card only. Visa can be used as cash advance at counter.
P1 Tourist Police: S of the town. Go further S and pass the traffic police box.
P2 Police station: 400m S from the bank.
H1 Hospital: W from the bus station. On the Waterfalls Rd..
ph Pharmacy: S part of the town. Near the Day market.
M Post office/Telephone: S of town. on the 2 nd Main Rd.S from Day market. M-F 830-12, 13-15:00, Sa 9-12:00
But most of the internet cafes have telephone and video chat service.

B But station: N E part of the town, just off from the Main Rd..
Bus to Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son.

City Transport
Town is small enough to walk. However if you want to stay at a GH out skirt of the town or you want to visit waterfalls, hot springs or hilltribe villages, you may rent a bicycles or a motor bike.
Many rental bike shops and travel agents are on Waterfalls road E from the bus stop.
ta Pai Elephant Camp Tour: on the Main Rd., S from the Bank. 5/3M.4 Rungsiyanon T699286. Elephant riding 250B/1 hr, to 300/3hrs., Rafting 2.5hr 500B. Combination 1/2 day tour 1000B
ta Northern Green: E from the bus stop. rafting: 2-3 hrs 1200B also it has a mini bus service to Chiang Mai.100B
rb Duang GH: near the bus stop. mountain bike 50B. No half day but ask.
rb aYa Service: E from the bus stop. motor bike 80B+/day. Minivan to Chiang Mai 150B 9:30, 10:30, 12:00, 14:30, 15:30
rb Pai Samit: Waterfalls road, S side, near the bus station. 30B/24hrs. Not good condition but the cheapest in Pai.
rb There are a few ones. Charging 150B+ You may get one with most petrol in.

m Morning Market: on the Main Rd.. S from Charlie's House. 3:00-8:00 Hilltribe people come here. After 7:00, it starts very quiet. So go around 6:00 if you want to see activities.
m Day Market: S part of the town on the 2nd Main Rd.. Daily goods and food.
m Regional market is held. on every W. Hill tribe will come here.
c Souvenir: Regional coffee is available. 250g Arabica coffee 90-95B. at Tunva Restaurant. See Food page.
Duang Dee House Co. Ltd. 14/23-24 Soi Insuan, Maneenopparat Rd.Chiang Mai. T053-219-361.

Massage is one of the highlight in Pai. After the massage, they rub the body with a pad with steamed herb. Some massage places have herbal sauna. I did not check all places. More massage houses and massage schools are in town.
Also many Thai cooking courses are offered through out the town.
ma Pai Traditional Thai Massage(PTTM): 68/3 Sukhapibarn. T699-121. From the Man street go E on Hot spring street turn left at 2 nd soi. 150B/hr
ma Mr. Jan's: Go E from bus stop and turn into 2 nd soi(#3) 150B/hr Burmese style.
ma Local woman: Go E from the bus stop and turn the 2 rd soi(#1) go 100, before PTTM. 100B/1.5hr 150B/2hr with steaming herb. Very good skill. Very good and cheap. Highly Rec.
ma Herbal House: on the Main Rd. opp from the Police station. 150B/1hr, 300B/2hrs + steaming herb.
la Laundry: Many shops and GH offer washing. 20-25B/kg. 20B shops are near the Pai internet cafe on Hot spring Rd.
ma Sauna at Wahlin house: Turn to W from the supermarket on the main road. T053-699239. Sauna for non guests 50B from 19:00

festival 2007
4/12-16   Pai 's Good Thing & Cultural Festival: held at Mae Pai Water falls

Many internet cafes on Waterfalls street, E from the bus stop and on Hot Spring rd just E from the traffic light.
@1 C.H.: Waterfalls rd, opp from Rim Pai, 1B/min web camera, head phone Jap, Korea, Chinese IME
@2,3 Internet Cafes: on Hot spring Rd E from the Main Rd. 1B/min web camera, head phone Jap, Korea, Chinese IME
@4 HICCUP: From the bus station, walk E and turn S at Abodaya, it is on W side. Hotspot 1B/min

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