Area Code 042 $1= 38B June 30, 2006

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S1 Sala Kaew Ku: Wat Khaek concrete-sculpture garden
3 km E from town, popular bicycle ride. Entry fee: donation 10Bis expected Huge,incredibly shaped religious (Hindu) and social sculptures. Also visit the small fish pond at feeding time. Watching the fish scavenge for food is fascinating. Highly Rec
Access; songthaw 50B
return, or OW 20-30B You can also take a bus runs to E. Also pickup may be running from Nong Khai.
S2 Sunset Boat tour: on the Mekong, from Wat Maisok, 17:30-18:30 50B Food on board is not recommended Ask at GH for more details
S3 Wat Tung Sawang: W from the bus station on the highway 212. I houses nice of Thai and Chinese sculptures

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