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There are many good places to eat in Nong Khai. Good influence from Lao/French bread and Chinese food make good food in Nong Khai. Addition to those, many tourist restaurants are open. some local restaurants provide English menu and signs. At night many stalls provide good food. Try Prajek Rd E from Watnark.

Rimkong Street:
Riverside street where Thasadey Market is located. There are many restaurants have terraces to Mekong River
r1 Nobbis: Rimkong Rd South side, opp from Doang Mamnuang Vietnamese restaurant, W from the market, Pizza & German, Excellent pizza, 140-200B, American breakfast 90B, Thai60B+, drink 30B+,excellent home made bacon HighlyRec
r2 DoangMamnuang theTerrace: Rimkong Rd. W from Mekong GH and W from the market. Vietnamese, River view
h5 Mekong GH: Rimkong Rd. local food, Riverview restaurant
h4 Night cruise: Almost W end of Rimkong Rd. Dinner boat leaves at 17:30 for 2 hours on Mekong River, 50B + food. Ask at Ruan Thai GH(h4)
r no name: Large restaurant over the river In the riverside Thasadey market, opposite road to Wat Srimuang. Grilled fish in front. Point to what you want. The grilled fish is excellent and comes with a wide variety of vegetables and spices. Better to go in a group. HighlyRec (2001 info)
r no name Vietnamese Rest under the Pepsi sign on the small street opposite Maekhong GH (Rimkong Rd), English menu. Particularly recommended is Nam nuong - make your own spring rolls, 50B. Staff will demonstrate what to do with the many ingredients.HighlyRec(2001 info)
r Coffee Guy: Opposite the Vietnamese Restaurant.
Coffee shop popular with local housewives. Good ice coffee.(2001 info)
r Thai BBQ restaurant: just E from the riverside market next to the Mekong river. 80B/p, It is not all you can eat BBQ but the quantity is large. May be enough for a couple. Beer 50B(2001 info)

Meechai Rd
r10 Darika Bakery: Meechai Rd. 669, 5-14:00, Local food. Almost W end, 50 m E from the hospital. Excellent place to eat breakfast(40B+) and lunch, Thai food(25B+). Cheap, good food, friendly people. Rec.
r11 The Danish Bakery: opposite Wat Srichon, Meechai Rd, 2 blocks W from the GPO. Cafe
r12 no name Small Vietnamese food stall: Meechai Rd, between Fuji Film and the Danish Bakery. HighlyRec
Take away. Sells delicious
Vietnamese style stuffed pancakes, 10B (2001 info)
r15 Steak House: Meechai Rd, just E from Sawadee GH, 10-20:00. steak + chips + vegetable 80B,Very nice local steak house. Rec

r14 The Meeting Place Soi Chuen Jit, S from Meechai Rd.
Western Friendly drinking place. Satellite TV.
r20 Out Break Bar: From the post office to W, turn left at the first corner, cross Prajek Rd. left side American bf-50B

Street food
At night many stalls provide good food. Try Prajek Rd E from Watnark.
r  Food Court: W part of Meechai Rd. behind 7-eleven in front of the hospital. new food court. Open air with a roof with TVs
m Thasadey market: There are many local food are sold. Also you can get Lao style Baguettes with 10B at local stalls Highly Rec

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