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Accommodation alongside the Mekong river, Rim Khong Rd,have scenic views over the river, But they are usually old and the quality is lower. The one we recommend are located a little far from the center.

West side of the town.
h1 Mut Mee GH: 1111 Kaeworawut, T042-460717, F042-412182,, f sb dr 90, s130, d150-320, ab HW d320-500B, a/c d500B HW R C4 Well run, helpful informative staff. Good map and info. Tastefully designed complex, attractive jungle garden & social, relaxing restaurant with river views. Occasionally cultural couses such as Tai Chi & Yoga courses are held. Easy to stay days longer than planned. Lots of mosquitoes though. rb(40-60B) Highly Rec

Rimkhong Rd
h2 Rimkhong GH: Rim Khong Rd S side, E from Wat Maisok.
f sb s170, d180 C2-3 Traditional house, simple rooms, ceiling fan, garden.
h4 Ruan Thai: 1125/2 Rim Khong Rd. T042-412519, sb(HW) s120 d200, ab d700 a/c STV fr d400 C4 middlum size room
h5 Chongkonh GH,: Rim Khong Rd, W from Wat Thaisok.
100m W from Mekong GH
f sb(HW) d120-200B C2 R(river view) rb(30B)
h6 Mekhong GH: 519 Rim Khong Rd, T042-60689 a/c ab HW STV fr d500-700B C4 R(river view drink 20B+) it moved to middle class accommodation.
h7 Dick & Dao: From W end of Rimkhong Rd, walk S. sb HW d150B

Meechai Rd
h10 Poolsub GH: Meechai Rd. W from Post office and opp from the Wat. a/c ab d300 C4 large rooms with full of light Rec
h11 Sawadee GH: 402 Meechai Rd. T412502 500m E from the post office sb cold s140+ d160+, ab a/c HW d380 CYV 420B C4 rb Beautiful, antique building. Spacious, light rooms. Pleasant garden, quiet, friendly. bike 30B but not good condition. sb-HW 10B coin for 10min. Rec (h2)

S from Meechai Rd
h12 Phantavee Hotel.:Thanon Hal Sok Walk S from Fijifilm shop, f ab d 250-300,a/c d3-400, q1000B, HW C4 Very nice new hotel
h13 Huan-Lai Apartment: 823 Ban-terng-chit Rd. Walk S from just W of the post office.,T042-413597 a/c ab HW CTV fr d400B C5 @(20B/hr) new and large rooms. highly Rec
h14 Pong Vi Chitr Hotel.: 1244 Ban-terng-chit Rd., opp from Huan-Lao Apartment,T042-411958 f ab HW CTV d 200, a/c d270 t300B, family room 400, HW C4 TV Phone Chinese style hotel, large room mainly Thai Guests. Rec

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