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 Best season: Nov-Feb (cool)

Nong Khai is a border town with Laos. This is the busiest border point with Laos.
Despite of the congestion of the border , the town of Nong Khai is very quiet and kept the atmosphere of a local town in Thailand. The town is laid next to Mekong river and is very relaxing. This border town can offer not only local food, but also delicious Vietnamese, Lao and some western food.

Photo: The border to Laos

From BKK, many night buses(from Northern bus terminal) and night trains are running to Nong Khai.
From From Vientiane, Laos, very easy access, for 2-3 hours.
From Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai, you can take a few buses via Phitsanulok and Kone Kaen/Udonthani by bus.

Arriving to Nong Khai:
The train station
has been relocated near the border, about 500m from the international shuttle bus station 3 or 4 km W from the town, due to the future plan of the new rail way to Vientiane.
The bus station is in the middle of the town, rather E of town, walking distance to guest house area.
The international shuttle bus to the Laos immigration point is near the Friendship bridge, further west from the train station.
Stations to the town center: Songthaws are waiting in any of those transport station to your GH, with

Major streets:
Rim Khong Rd:
River side street, N of the town. nice market and many old GHs and restaurants with the view to Mekong river are located here.
Meechai Rd.: The first major road S from Rimkong Rd. running E to W. Many city facilities are located, such as PO, banks, restaurants, etc.
Prajec Rd. : The second major road S from the Meechai Rd. You can catch tuk-tuk to the train station or the bus station to Laos. AT night many food stalls are set.

i Tourist Office: Pajak Rd + Udon Nong Khai Rd.(W end of Prajec Rd.) 8:30-16:30, Very helpful. Maps are available. Also many guest houses provide maps and are the best source for travel info.
Warning: There are many maps posted throughout the town but many info on the map board are wrong including the location of the tourist office.
i Mut Mee GH: It has excellent Kong Khai information in term of quality and quantity. See their web site.
$ Banks & ATM: many in town, specially on Prajec Rd.
P0 Tourist Police: next to the tourist office T1699
P Police: Meechai Rd. W of town. opposite Hospital
I Immigration: Nong khai/Vientiane Road to Friendship Bridge
Nong khai hospital: on Meechai Rd.,W of town.
Hp Pharmacy: Many in town along Meechai Rd.
M Post Office GPO/Telephone: On Meechai Rd. M-F 8:30-16:30,SaSu 9-12:00 Poste Restante, Lenso International Phone in front.
ta Family Travel Agent: Meechai Rd, just E from Darika Bakery. mini bus to the airport in Ubonthai, 150B, dep 5:30, 11:30, 15:00, 17:00, 20:00, 1 hr.
m Thasadey market: Rimkong Rd. River side market with a roof., many good from Laos, Vietnam and China. Also you can find local food stalls.
la Coin laundry: 1244 Ban-terng-chit Rd.just S from Pong Vi Chitr H 20B for washing. .
s Souvenir: A few on Meechai Rd.(Main Rd)
s Village Weaver Handicraft Project: Prajeck Rd supports local tribes.

Border Crossing
To LAOS: Border crossing at Friendship bridge open 8:00-18:00
go to international-bus station by tuk-tuk 30B, then
Shuttle bus to Thai immigration (bus waits 3 min, if you miss it catch the next one along) and then Laos border
15B. 6-8:00, 16-22:00 & All day on SaSu Shuttle bus 20B and overtime charge 2500kip/20B for Laos immigration.
From Laos border to Vientiane
3,000kip by public minibus(pass through the tuk-tuk station area and wait near the gate, almost every 30min). or tuk-tuk 100B
Visa to Laos:
Either a 2 week visa at the border - $30, 1 photo or
1-month visa from a Lao Embassy or Consulate. Nearest Lao Consulate is in Khon Kaen at Lao Consulate, 123 Photistan Rd, T042-221961, 223698. Possible to apply for and receive visa on the same day.
$50 2 photos.
Not necessary to use visa agents in Nong khai.
BKK Laos embassy:
1200B, plus 300B for same day issue.

A Airport: no in town. The nearest one is Udonthani. Flights to BKK and Chiang Mai.
T Train Station: 3km W from the center of town, 500m from the international bus station to Laos
tuk-tuk 30-40B to town.All trains go to Bangkok via Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Ayutthaya, Bangkok,
B1 Bus Station: Off Prajek Rd, a short walk SE from town center. Buses to Bangkok, Udonthani, Roei, etc.
B2 International minibus to Laos: W(4km) from the town, 500m W from the train station. S from the friendship bridge.See Border information section.

City Transport
The town is small, most places are within walking distance. Tuk-tuks also operating.
Tuk-tuk: 20-50B, very modern looking tuk-tuk, an interesting vehicle. From the train station or International shuttle bus station to the town, expect to pay 30-40B.
rb Rental bike/bicycle: W side of the town, just in front of the entrance of the allery to Mut Mee GH. they are also available at most GHs. motor bike 150-200b/day. bicycle 30B/day.

Festival 2007
Most of the festivals in Nong Khai are scheduled according to the lunar calender, therefore the dates vary each year.
End of Feb to early March: The Anou Savari Festival: Commemorating the defeat of "Hau" who came from China during 1884- 86. Many events are held on streets of Nong Khai.
4/6-18: Song Kran: Thai new year festival. Expect to get wet.
May - July(a few times): Rocket festivals: many rockets, 1-5m long, are fired during the day time.
July 29?: Candle Light Festival: Held on "Wan Asa Laha Puja", a day before Lent, Buddhists religious activity when men(boys) become monks. Parade is held.
October 26-27(the end of Lent): Fireball Festival: on the Mekong river. Ask locals for the location. Mysterious phenomenon which fireballs are flying out from Mekong river to the sky at night. Nobody knows what it is.
October 26-27(the end of Lent):: Dragon Boat race: on the Mekong river.
November 21-25: Loy Kratong : Thanking to the water by making a small decorated flower boats with candle, and place them on the river at night. The river will be full of lights. Very beautiful festival.
November 21: Chinese Ceremonial Lion Festival : Many Chinese events are held.

@ Internet @
@1 The Wasambe Book Shop: 1121 Kaeworawut Rd. T460717, Near Mut Mee GH. E-mail
h13 Huan-Lai Apartment: 823 Ban-terng-chit Rd. Walk S from just W of the post office. 30B/hr
r11 The Danish Bakery: opposite Wat Srichon, Meechai Rd, 2 blocks W from the GPO. 30B/hr

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