Mae Sai, Thailand

Area Code 053 $1=38B, June 21, 2006

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Border town to Myanmar. The town is very busy for selling goods, probably come from China via Myanmar. When you arrive at the bus station, change a sonthiaw to the town. Main road is running S to N. and going into Tachilek, Myanmar.

From Chiang Rai: 1.5hrs by bus. Many buses.
From BKK: Many night buses running to Maesai.
From Chiang Sean via Golden Triangle, by pickups, 1.5-2hrs.

All long distance buses arrive to the bus station. From there, pickup trucks connect to the border to Myanmar.
if you come from the Golden Triangle or Chiang Sean, the pickups arrive on the main road, near the border.

i Information booth: Very close to the border gate, on the E side of the main road and sonthiaws stop here. You can get some info and map.
$ Bank: Many banks on the both side of the road.
M Post office/Telephone: ?
H Hospital: on the Main Rd. about 2km S from the border.
I Immigration: on the main road, half way from the bus station to the town. To get the exit stamp, you cannot get it on border. You must come here. it opens everyday, 7:00-17:00. For other services M-F 8:30-12, 13-16:30
ma Massage: 3F of the bldg next to Wang thong Hotel, near the border E side of the Main Rd. 100B/hr It does not look like a quality one.
@  Internet: 2F of the bldg next to Wang Hotel. 8-23:00, 25B/hr video Camera headphone microphone

Border information:
The border to Tachileik Myanmar opens everyday 6:30-18:30 incl. National holidays .
1.) If you want just to visit Tachileik for a day with keeping your visa status. You may leave your passport at the Thai immigration at the border(Need the copies of your passport pages, copy service in front of Thai gate
20B, no fee required to Thai immigration) and take the copies to Myanmar immigration and pay $100 or 500B for the visa. Prepare extact $5.
2.) If you want to renew your Thai visa, go straight to the border and get the exit stamp at the Thai immigaration. Then go to Myanmar immigration and pay for the visa
$10 or 500B. Leave your passport to Myanmar immigration and receive the document for their holding your passport. You can get you passport back when you leave and you can get new Thai visa for 30 days when you re-enter Thailand.
3.) If you want to travel around Tachilek(Talay, Lantaung Monkpyat, Kainge Tung) only. You can apply for 2 week visa for Myanmar at the border
$10. The visa allows to stay for 13 nights and 14 days. 3 photos
4.) If you want to travel Myanmar, now you can enter Tachileik and continue to travel other area in Myanmar, such as Inle Lake, Mandalay, etc. if you have proper tourist visa. Apply the visa at Myanmar embassy in Bangkok. But you have to fly from Tachilek to other permitted area. No overland travel from Tachilek to the other area permited
For flight information see below, Tachilek information.

B Bus station: far away from the town, 6km S. Frequent sonthiaws connect from here to the town. 8B
Non A/C, A2-2nd class, A1-1st class(36seats), V-VIP(32seats), SV-Super VIP(24seats)
To BKK(2007 info): 12hrs, 857km, Many buses in the evening and early morning. One company has a counter in town, on the main rd. E side, near BKK bank.
965B 7, 17:30,17:40 VIP-725B, 16:15, 17:15
621B, 6 buses between 16:30-17:45,
483B, 17:20, 17:40, 17:45
To Chiang Rai,
N-30B, 62km 1.5hrs, Many 5:30-18:00.
To Chiang Mai: 242km, 4.5hrs, N-95B, 9:00, 14:00, A1-
212B, 7:00, 10:45, 13:45, VIP-335B, 9:15, 15:15, 16:15

To Fang via Thaton: N-47B, 9:30
To Rayong: 18-20hrs, N-
450B 12:30, A1-810B 15:00, V-890B 14:00, 15:10
To Nakon Ratchasrima: 13.5hrs, A2-
507B 10:00, A1-652B 5:15, 12:00, 14:15, 16:00, V-750B 18:00
To Lampang: 7.5hrs, N-99B 7:05, 7:20, 8:05, 8:35
To Mae Sot: 12hrs, A1-
516B 7:00, A2-402B 6:15
B1 Songthiaw stop to the bus station, just before the border on the E side of the main road. 8B
B2 To Golden triangle 35km/Chiang Sean 43km: by Songthiaw 30B?. Songthiaw stop on the Main Rd. 300m S from the border on E side. near the Soi 8

Local Transport
You can walk the town/ Rental bike is available.
rb Rental motor bike: 150B/day near the opp from Daw GH

Early Feb Strawberry Fair:


Some hotels increase the price during high season. When you arrive at the border gate, go left and walk along the side of the river (You cannot see the river.) Sailomjoy Rd. You can find several GHs on the same road but street name changes. Just before the Northern GH, the road gets split. Take the right one.
h1 "Room for Rent"(sign board): The first one on the left, ab HW d250B C4 No English sign. small bed but huge rooms.
h2 no English name GH: right side, opp from S-House, ab d50B, d100B C2, mats on the floor. Simple rooms but 100B rooms are huge may take 10 p.
h3 S-house: next to Daw GH T053-640670, ab HW f d300-500, CTV a/c 400B(HS600) C5 Two buildings, one is on the main road and the other just above Daw GH.
h4 Daw GH: At the corner opp from S-house. ab HW f d200, CTV 250B C4 large rooms.Highly Rec
h5 The River House: on the main road, left side, just W from Daw, T09-7577999, ab d HW d300 C4 simple
h6 VIP: W from River House, sb HW CTV d200-250 C2, mats on floor. Free coffee/tea but too expensive.
h7 Bamboo House(former King Kobra Maesai GH):#135 Sailom Rd. T06-9194458, f sb HW thai toilet d150 C2, f ab western toilet d200 C2, large d250-300B C4 R, . Many different types. High season price goes up. Rec
h8 Money Island: M1, right side, W from Bamboo, T053-734060, sb HW f d100-400B C4 I(good info) free@(WI-FI) rb(250B) R ta western management. Rec
h9 Yee Sun Hotel: 816/13 M1, right side,. T053-733455,a/c ab HW CTV fr d400B C5 Very good facility and rooms Rec
h10 Northern GH: 402 Tumphajom Road, T731537, f ab CW d150 C2, ab HW(winter only) d250 C2, R. Very old GH with garden with no maintenance
h11 River side GH: 688 Wiengpangkam, at the end of the road. T732021, f ab CW d200, HW hill side d300B(HS350), river side d400B(450) C4 Rbeautiful garden and Very nice bungalow facing the rive. curfew 24:00

On the Main Rd. E side
h Maesai Hotel: 125/5 Moo 10 Phaholyothin Rd.(soi 6) T731462 ab CW s180, d200, HW s250 d300-400B, a/c s400 d600B C4. Walk S from the border on the main rd, left side. You see the sign of soi 6, turn left. Chinese run simple old hotel.
h Ing Bing Hotel?(Chinese hotel): T053-640509. no name in English, go little further E from the Maesai Hotel, same soi. f ab TV(L) d350 C4 very comfortable large room. Highly Rec.

We don't have enough info at this moment. Please let us know.
r Wang Thong Hotel: Near the border on the Main street E side.breakfast 120B, Lunch(11-14:00) buffet 120B. less selections than ones of C.R. They try to sell drinks in bottles which are extra. Ex water 30B. Ask normal free icy water.

S Scorpion View point: Near the border, W side of the Main Rd. there are stairs toward the temple on the hill. There is also a view point with a giant scorpion.
S Gem Market:Walk S. on the Main Rd from the border, On a few soi(soi 4 and 6) from the Main Rd., there are many shops for gem shops. You can see their activities.
S Khun Nam - Nang Non, scenic mountains, 12km S from Maesai on the highway from Chiang Rai. Famous mountain called "Sleeping Lady". Many hotels and restaurants near the mountains for recreation.
S Tham Pum and Tham Pla: Caves, 1km N from the "Sleeping Lady" and 2km W from the highway.
S Tham Pha Chom: Cave, 2.5km W from Maesai
More info in Maesalong, Golden Triangle, Chiang Sean and Chiang Rai sights.

Tachileik, Myanmar (2006 info)

The border is open 6-18:00 for Thai time. The time in Myanmar is " -30min."
To enter see the border information above. After the border crossing, continue to walk N, you will reach a big intersection. I will call this as Main intersection

i Information: MTT: at the border, next to immigration Myanmar: maps(5B) and some information are available.
$ Exchange: As you enter Myanmar, a small shop on the left side(side road) 300B=10,000k Bath only You can exchage at some travel agents, $1=12000k. But for your day trip, no need to change money. Thai Baht can be used in any place.
M Post office: 400m E from the main intersection and turn right, 100m S from the main road. M-F9-16:00, Sa closed Su 9-12:00. You can buy stamps. post card to Japan 30k, to USA 32k
YA Sun flower Travel: on the main Rd, S side, 1km E from the main intersection. E from the hospital, T084-51309, T09-1919608, Yangon Air/ Bagan Air agent.
MA Manymar Air Agent: from the main intersection, walk 1 block to E and turn right. left side
Probably it is the major attraction in Tachileik and Maesai.Many goods from China and Thai are sold here. .I did not see any noticeable price difference between Maesai and Tachilek. The best buy may be cigarettes. The western brand ones 2000 or less. Warning: when you buy one with cheap price, they wrap it up with a newspaper, but they may swap with a cheap brand. You had better to make sure you get a right one or not when you leave.. The unique souvenir may be a mosquito buster, badminton racket like toy to electrify mosquitoes. It is fun..Price varies from 60-150B. Many defect ones. Make sure if it works or not.

The costs of stayin in Tachileik are very expensive. Better to stay in Maesai.
h Dream Forwer Motel: Padonmar street, Punhtun, T21318 ab CW s200B d300B C4 free water. From the main intersection, turn left and continue waling 100m, you will see a sign for the hotel and turn right and walk to the end.
h River Side Hotel: As you enter Tachileik, it is on the right side on the river.T51161, f ab CW d400, HW d500, a/c d600B C4 large colonial & traditional Burmese style. Rec
h Nine Star Hotel: just E from River Side H. Cherry + Kanna St.T084-51785, ab HW CTV df400 C4 Rec
h Erawan Hotel: 1/29 Mahabondola st. T01-2892863, ab HW CTV d400B C4
h May Hotel: on the main road, about 1km E from the border. ab HW s250-300 d300-350, TV(L) s400 d450B C4

Many Burmese tea shops in town with Burmese style, very low tables and very low stalls. Cost for the food and drinks are very similar to ones in Thailand.
h Chinese dumpling shop: on the main Rd From the main intersection, go, N side, next to the Pizza shop.. 50B.


Yangon Air, Air Mandalay, Air Bangan, Myanmar Air are flying to Heho(Inle Lake), Mandalay and Yangon almost everyday.
information at travel agents in Tachilek
Yangon Air: Almost everyday 10:00, 11:00 or 12:00 Heho $67, Mandalay $71, Yangon $117, Kyangtong $38
Myanmar Airways:
TuTh 10:00 Heho $55, Mandalay $70

Airport: 7km from the town. Transport by songthaw 20B At the T-section turn right and walk away from the junction to avoid touts and walt on the right side of the main road. to the airport 20B/p. Also all travel agents arrange transport 80B/p
Bus station: take a same songthaw to the airport. Many buses to villages near Tachilek. However it is very difficult to get bus information. Go early

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