Mae Hong Son, THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38.0B, June 13, 2006

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Pai | Chiang Mai

A Airport: The runaway is the middle of the town. To the terminal, go E on the street just N from the road of Tourist Police. a restaurant, a travel agent. ATM
TG Thai Airways: on the road of Tourist Police. Just E from Tourist Police. T053-611 367 or T612220. M-F 8:00-17:00. Tickets can be purchased at the airport with cash or a major credit card. To Chiang Mai 1270B
a1 Nok Air: at the airport To Chiang Mai 900B, Visa/MC

B But station: on the Main Rd. Just N from the center.
N:non a/c, A:a/c
To Chiang Mai via Pai
fare: N / minibus
North route: Chiang Mai:
127/178B 7.5hrs, Pai 62/87B, 3.5hrs, N 7, 8:00*, 8:30, 10:30, 12:30, 16:00(Pai only)
*a/c minibus.
South route via Mae Sariang,: Chiang Mai: N-
178B, A1-320B A6:00, N8:00, A10:30, N20:00, N21:00, A21:00
B Bus company to BKK(Sombat Co.): The office is 2km S from the town center, just N from the town gate. No public transport to the office but many tuk-tuk are running on the main road, you may be able to find one.
BKK: A1-
718B, 14:00, 15:00, 928km, 14hrs. prepare your meal by yourself.

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