Mae Hong Son, THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38.0B, June 13, 2006

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The main attraction here is visiting a long-neck Karen village. It is very hard to go there by yourself. Many joint to a tour. Travel agents arrange this tour with many other destinations. Usually 4-500B/p plus 250B entrance fee to the village.

In town
S1 Chong Kham Lake & Wat Chong Klang: Very relaxing lake and Burmese temple next to it. The temple houses 100 year old glass paintings woodcarvings from Myanmer.
S2 Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu: a temple on the hill in the W of the town. Steps are very steep and good view of the entire town.
S3 Wat Phra Non: at the foot of the DoiKong Mu. It houses 12m-long reclining Buddha.
m Morning Market: From the bus station, go S and turn E, 5-9:00 The peak time is 6:00. Lots of local goods, such as vegetable, fish, daily products, etc.
S Offering to mo monks: can be seen in early morning everyday 6-7:00.

Out of town, N from town
S10 Them Pla Forest Nat'l Park & Fish Cave: 17km from MHS on the way to Pai. free. The park offers many waterfalls, caves, beautiful scenery, etc. The main attraction is Fish Cave which river flow through a cave and many soro brook carps, many are 80cm long, swim in the cave. The site provide a info office and 1.2km foot path which you can enjoy the nature of the park. Rec.
S11 Phasua Waterfalls: 37km from MHS, 27km off from the main highway. 10m high 15m wide.
S12 Ban Nai Soi Long-neck Karen village. One of 3 long-neck Karen village. The road to the village is paved. However no English sigh to direct you there. I tried to go by myself , but could not.

Out of town, S from town
S20 Ban Nam Piengdin: Long-neck Karen villages: It can be reached by boat, 1hour
S21 Other long neck villages: Ban Hual Seau tao: 12km Go S on the main road, turn right at Ing Doi Resort. May be the most accessible with motor bike.
S22 Pha Pong Hot Spring: 7km from MHS
S23 Pha Bong Dam: 12km from MHS. A dam at Mae Ra Mat River.
S24 Pong Daeng Royal Residence: 6km from MHS. A beautiful Royal Residence surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers on a hill over looking Pai River.

Can be arranged by many travel agents or guest houses.
Day trip to a long neck village:
700B for 2 + entrance fee 250B
Day trip around MHS: 700B/p
1 night 2 day:
1000B for one, 1800B for 2

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