Mae Hong Son, THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38.0B, June 13, 2006

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Cheap ones are on the Main Rd, S from the bus station. Expensive looking ones are around the Lake. Many restaurants offer real coffee with reasonable prices, 20B+

Help!!! Currently our info in this section is limited. Please send us your experience.

r1 Lake Side: W from the lake, just S from Friend GH. local/travelers moderate 30-60B. Menu in English/French. Thai BBQ 69B
r2 Lucky Restaurant: just W from the traffic light(Main rd+ Hospital Rd),. Swiss, "foundue" , drink 20B+, meal 30-150B, American bf 70B
r3 Local restaurant: just opp(to N) from the post office, at night it is the area many locals come and enjoy the evening.
r4 Morning Coffee: Hospital Rd just E from TG office. souvenir shop and GH serving simple meal, cake and good coffee.
r5 La Tasca: Main road opp from the local market, N from the post office. Italian
r6 Jiji Restaurant: On the Main Rd. E side, Just N from the Post office. Local/travelers. it looks like one of tourist simple restaurants, but they have a large menu and taste is good.
r7 Fern restaurant: Walk on the Main Rd, S from the Post office. It is on left side. 10:30-22:00. Thai. a little expensive 60+B. But full of people/tourists eat here. Good food and excellent atmosphere with live music in the evening. Rec
r8 Cross Road Cafe: Main Rd + Hospital Rd. Good atmosphere
r9 Chez Tom: W side of the lake. Good cheap cafe and local food.
r10 Trip Restaurant: off from Chez Tom

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