Mae Hong Son, THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38.0B, June 13, 2006

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Cheap GHs are around the lake and N part of the town, N from the bus station. Ones near the lake are much more central and good. Some of the GHs in N are a bit far but they have nice gardens and very relaxing atmosphere.



Around the Lake
From the bus station, go S and turn left on the third street, Udom Chaonithet Rd. Listing as clockwise from NW of the lake.
h1 Friend House: #20 Phaditchongkam Rd. T053-620119, After Sbunnga GH, Go E from the h1 and turn right at the first corner. It is on the left. f sb s/d100 ab2-300B HW C4 R, clean and comfortable size rooms. The best 100B rooms in town.The communal veranda is large and comfortable. Highly Rec
h2 Jong Kham GH: on Udomchaonnithet Rd, After Sbunnga GH, go straight(E). The first GH on the right. f sb d100-120, ab d250 C2 HW, Old rooms with a veranda with a large table. a large garden.
h3 Prince's House: on Udomchaonnithet Rd, After(E from) Jong Kham GH, T053-611136. f ab d250-300 HW C4 R @(40B/hr) small but very comfortable balcony with a great view to the lake and temple.
h4 Johnny GH: on Udomchaonnithet Rd, After(E from) Prince's House,T053-611667, f sb s/d100 C2, ab s/d200 C4, HW. basic. But new 200B rooms are very nice. Rec
h5 Thanh Chot Court: SE corner of the lake, T053-620156, f ab HW CTV d300, a/c fr d500B C4 Good facility Rec
h6 Romtai: 22 Chumnansat, SE corner of the lake, just S from Thanh Chot Court, T053-612437, f ab HW CTV d250, C4 PC large rooms common fr Highly Rec
h7 Rimnong Lakeside: on the road of S side of the lake. s50-100, d150B HW C1 very old and basic.
h8 Joe GH: on the road of S side of the lake. f sb s/d100 C2, ab HW CTV s/d250 C4, very old and basic, totally rip-off.
h10 Piya GH: W from the lake, T053-611260, ab HW TV(L) d600 C4 PCT R, good garden but very expensive.

W from the main road + the hospital road
h10 Ampa GH: From the traffic light (Main road + Hospital rd.) go W and turn left twice. ab HW d200 C2 Thai style house with wooden floor.
h11 Penporn Bungalow: further S from Ampa GH,
ab s150, d200 HW. Large room, garden.

Main road
h10 Siam hotel: #23 Khunlumpras Rd(main road), N from the bus station, T053-612148, ab CTV f d250, a/c HW cTV 350B C4 Old hotel but OK
h11 Panorama: #51 Khunlumpras Rd(main road) S from bus station, T053-611757,
ab HW d300 C3(no value), a/c fr TV(L) d500 C4.OK

N of the town, E from the Main Rd.
slightly upper class GHs are N from bus station.
h20 Mae Hong Son Hotel: Khun Lumpropas Rd. From bus station, go N, turn right at the first corner. Go 200m E, T053-612023, f ab HW CTV s250 d300, a/c d500B C4.R Huge room.
h21 Panglor Villa GH & Resort: 13/3 soi 4 Panglor Rd. T611572, ab LS s200 d250, HS d350B R C4 very big room swimming pool in H. season. Very far. From the bus station go N, 2 nd corner turn right, go E 500m, at temple, turn left go another 300m. (2001 info)
h23 Wichitpoun House: From the bus station, walk N and turn right at the traffic light and walk 300m. T053-614175, ab HW CTV f 300, a/c d500B C4 large rooms with a table and chairs

N of the town, W from the Main Rd.
h Yok GH: From the bus station go N, 2 nd corner turn left, go W 400m, after the temple, Wat Don Chedi, on the right side of the road. f ab HW d250-300, a/c TV(L) d450 C4, very nice family run GH.
h Jean's House: . #6 Prachautith Rd, T053-611662, f sb s80 d120, ab(local) s120 d150, ab(western) s150 d200 C1-2 cheapest rooms in town.
h Sriwiang GH: 44 Mocksanti Rd T612425, From the bus station go N, turn left at the first corner, go W 500m. It is on the right side. f sb d150 C2, ab HW large TV d250 C3. Nice garden, the old looking exterior but the interior is not so bad
h Golden Hut: after Sriwiang GH, the road split to 3. This is at the corner, right side. ab 300B. HW R C4 (2000 info)
h Sang Tong Hut: Resort: T053-620680,, turn right at Golden Hut them walk another 100m. ab 700-1200B HW mos-net balcony C4 R , beautiful bungalows are set in a forest like garden in a valley.
h Mae Hong Son GH: after Sriwiang GH, the road split to 3. take left one for another 100m. sb 150, ab 300B. HW R C4, Beautiful garden and very nice rooms. (2000 info)
h Pana Huts: 300m after MHS GH right side, T053-614331, ab HW d200 C3, nice bungalows in a jungle like setting garden.

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