Mae Hong Son, THAILAND

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Mae Hong Son is a small town surrounded by beautiful mountains, NW of Thailand. Since it is very close to the border of Myanmar. The influence from Burma is very strong. The highlight of MHS is long-neck Karen villages. The trekking routes from here are different from ones from CM. The rafting is also very popular and provides a few different courses.

From BKK:
From the Northern bus station(Mochit), there are a few night buses running to MHS.
From Chiang Mai: There are two routes, the south route by A1 bus and the north route by A1 bus. 8-9 hrs. Also easy 45min flight from Chiang Mai.
From Pai: Several non a/c buses come here from Chiang mai via Pai.

By air:
The airport is in the middle of MHS. The terminal is E part of town. accessible to most guest houses on foot.
By bus from BKK: The bus arrives 1km S from the town. Walk up the road(the same direction you are traveling) The road split to 2 roads, take one on right. Not many restaurants open in the early morning. One near the post office may be the earliest. or try the town market which you walk N and pass a traffic light then next road, turn right.
By bus from Chiang Mai/Pai: The bus station is rather N part of town. As you come out to the main road, turn left to the center.

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