Mae Hong Son, THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38.0B, June 13, 2006

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Pai | Chiang Mai | Mae Hong Son Map

The Main Rd. runs N to S.(Khunlumprapat Rd.) To N, CM via Pai which is the new route and to S, BKK and CM via Mae Sariang which is the old route.
Hospital Rd: the 2 nd street, S from the bus station. The intersection with the Main Rd is the only one controlled by active traffic lights. The town hospital is located on E end of the road.
Chong Kham Lake is in the center of town where cheap GHs and nice restaurants are located.
If you are coming from Chiang Mai by bus, you arrive at the N from the center of the town. If you go out from here and turn left(South) to the center.

! Warning:
During the rainy season, mosquitoes and malaria are problem here.

i information office: On the Main Rd.W side, 100m S from the post office, inside of a government office. M-F8-16:00? Free Maps. Also the information and free maps can be obtained at some GHs, travel agent offices and rental bike shops. But all maps are not accurate.
i Service Point: just side of the main road, in front of the information office. A volunteer organization which answer for travelers.
Banks / Exchange / ATM: Many banks on the main streets. Most has a exchange booth and ATM which is supposed to be open after hour, but none of the bank open the booth. It may be open longer during high season.
P0 Tourist Police: 1 Rajthammapitak. T611812. Go S from the bus station. Turn left at the second street(The intersection with a traffic lights). 3 rd corner on the left side. 24 hrs.
I Immigration: on the Main Rd. 1 block N from the bus station.
H Sri Sangwarn Hospital: E end of the road of Tourist Police. 24 hrs
ph Pharmacy: near market.
M0 Post office/Telephone: 100m Walk S on the Main Rd. from the traffic lights. W from the lake. It has a telephone office.
M1 Telecome office: Udom Chaouithet Rd off W from the Main Rd. Walk S from the traffic light and turn right at the first corner. M-F8:30-16:30. CATNET is available, 0.5B/min

A Airport: The runaway is the middle of the town. To the terminal, go E on the street just N from the road of Tourist Police. An exchange booth, a restaurant, tourist information booth, a travel agent.
Many flights to Chiang Mai.
TG Thai Airways: on the road of Tourist Police. Just E from Tourist Police. T611 367 or T612220. M-F 8:30-17:00. Tickets can be purchased at the airport on Sa Su with cash.
B But station: on the Main Rd. Just N from the center. Bus to Chiang Mai and Pai.
B Bus company to BKK(Sombat): Go S on the Main Rd for 2km, just N from the town gate. No public transport. But many tuk-tuk are running on the main road so you may be able to get one if you wave to them.

Local Transport
The town is small enough to walk. However, if you go out from the town, you may rent a motor bike.
ta Travel agents: Many in town offering day trip to long-neck Karen village, trekking and rafting. Day trip 700B/p, Long-neck village 700B/2p entrance fee to the village.250B/p extra.
rb rental motorbike shops: Many on Main Rd and on the road of Tourist Police. 150+B/day. Usually no insurance available.
rb rental bicycle: at the cross road, mountain bike 80B/day

Many souvenir shops are on the Main Rd. Mainly hill tribe products and Myanmar products are sold. Women of hill tribe(Lisu) are also making and selling their goods near the post office.
s Super market: Food court B1 on the main road. 8-22:00
s Craft & Folk Center: located S of the town, on the Main Road to Mae Sariang. (No review yet.)
7-11 7 Eleven: Main Rd. opp from the post office
ma Massage: on the Hospital Rd. just E from the traffic light, Thai massage 150B/hr, foot massage 200B/hr

Festivals 2007
2/10-18? Muang Sam Mhok Fair:
Feb? Baan Rak Thai, Tea Festival
4/6-9 Poi Sang Long: Thai Yai tribe ceremony
4/13-15 PH Songkran: Thai New Year's Festival
10/? Poi Learn Sip Ed(Ok Pansa) Fair:
11/? Opening Tourism Festival: Parade of the 1000 candles from MHS airport to Khum Yuam via Pai and Maesaraing
11/1-12/15 Wild Sunflower Festival: During this period, a hill side of villages, Khun Yuam, Mae Sariang, are covered by Bua Tong blossom, golden color flower like sun flower.
11/15-17 Loi Krathong Festival:

@ Internet @
Improved very much. All charging 1B/min. Speed is comfortable.
@1 L-1 CT: on Main Rd. W side, opp from the food court.9-21:00, 50B/hr headphone but no camera. Japanese IME
@2 Prince's House: on Udomchaonnithet Rd,40B/hr web camera, headphone, Japanse IME

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