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S Wat Tham Sua: (Tiger Cave Temple), 3km NE from Krabi.
Buddhist temple and meditation center.
A cave complex within a forest of huge evergreen trees, surrounded by mountains.
transport Red songthaew from Phattana Rd to route 4 15-20B. Then walk 1km or take motorcycle taxi
S Susaan Hoi: (Shell Cemetery) 17km from Krabi, at Ban Laem Pho, near Ao Nang beach.
Site of millions of shell fossils dating over 40 million years.Visit at low tide.
Transport White Songthaew from Krabi or Ao Nang,
from 6:00-18:00.
S Pang Nga bay: by public bus from bus station to Pang nga town, non a/c 30B - 9:00, a/c red 40B, a/c blue 52B duration 90min

Many travel agents in Krabi and at the Pang Nga bus station, organize tours(half -day and 1day tours to nearby islands, sell boat tickets). This is a probably better option for you than your do-it-your-self tours because the tours include a few more places which you cannot go by yourself.

Tour to Pang Nga bay from Krabi
A half day tour:
from the travel agent at the bus station. 400B include bus to Pang Nga town, boat trip, picnic lunch.
4-5 hours tour: no lunch included 200B.
Phi Phi island Tour: visiting a few islands around Koh Phi Phi for a day.
by the travel agents at Pang Nga bus station.
The half day tour
includes James Bond island and Ko Tabu (nail island) , fisherman village, caves (have to pay entrance fee) .
The full day tour: The same as above plus visiting Wat with reclining Buddha and National Park - swimming in a pool in front of a cave

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