Chiang Rai, THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38B, June 17, 2006

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Inside of town
There are not many places worth seeing in the town.
S King Mengrai monument: E part of the town, 20min. walk from bus station. A statue of the King who founded Chiang Rai in 1262. Many people come and pray with offering.
S Hilltribe Museum: 620/25 Thanalai Rd. From the Pizza Hat, go N and cross the clock tower road and turn right at the second street. The museum is located on the 2 nd block, upper floor of Cabbages & Condom. 9:00-20:00, 50B with a small gift, Small exhibition but you can see some basic idea and differences for the ethnic minority group around the area. Rec
S Wat Phra That Doi Tong: From TAT go W along the Maekok River. 1km. There are Chinese temple, an ancient pagoda, and City Pillar, very strange Hindu like monument. Now original one was removed for study. The one you see a replica for it. There is a explanation on the stone in English and Thai. Also the view to W country side overlooking a golf course is excellent.
S Wat Phra Kaew: W from TAT or Overbrook Hosp. The Emerald Buddha Image the most important Buddha in SE Asia, was found in this temple after a lighting hit the temple. The image is kept in BKK.
S Wat PhraSingha: just S from TAT. A find example of Lanna religious architecture.

Out of town
See Maesalong, Maesai,Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen, Chiang Khong pages as well. It is possible to visit one or two sights out from Chiang public transport in a day. However if you want to visit several places, you need your own transport due to the poor connections. Also the frequency of the public transport will decrease after 15:00. Leave C.R. early morning and come back early.
S Laan Tong Mekong Basin Cultural Park: Theme Park for N. Thai Culture 12km from Maechan. 43km from C.R. 8:00-18:00 Show time 11:00, 14:00. You can enjoy 6 nation Mekong Cultural shows, hilltribe villages, elephant & Ox-cart riding, flower gardens, tea plantations, etc. Entry 200B
S Doi Thong: 61km from C.R. On the top of the mountain there is a temple with twin pagodas. Excellent view of the surrounding area. from here. The area around the peak have many scenic spots, such as Royal Villa 70B, botanical garden 70B(The joint ticket 100B, Reported one of the most beautiful gardens in Thailand.) and hilltribe villages.
S Pamee Akha Village: beautiful small village on the way to Doi Thong.
S Khun Korn Waterfalls: 30km S from Chiang Rai. 70m high waterfalls, biggest in the C.R. province.
S Maekok River boat trip: The trip is scenic. You can travel between Chiang Rai and Thaton. See transport section for the schedule and cost.
S Pataya Beach(Haap Chiang Rai): 4km W from the town. You can go by Minibus('Songthiaw) from the Morning market. ?B

Hill Tribe GH and Resorts
S Akha Hill House: 26km W from the C.R. near Maekok River. 97/7 Doi Hang or PO Box 159, Chiang Rai. T09-9975505. sb s60-70, d100, ab s100B d200B HW d300 R,
The Chiang Rai office is just S from Maekok Villa, W from TAT. Free ride from C.R. 16:00, from Akha Hill 9:00.. many hill tribe villages, hot spring, water falls, etc.
ta Hill Tribes Education Center: PO box 229 Chiang Rai, T74-4277,, next to Jaritee GH see hotel info. This organization will setup trekking tours. For a group of 4 or more half day tour 710B/p, 1 day tour 900-1000B/p
S Karen Hill tribe GH: Ban Thung Phrao Doi Wawi, Wawi, Maesui or PO Box 21, Chiang Rai, T01-2246998,
sb 90/100, ab 200/250 R.
Take a bus from C.M or C.R. to Mae Sui(not Maesai) then yellow pickup to Ban Thung Phrao.

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