Chiang Rai, THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38B, June 17, 2006

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No area like Khaosan in BKK where many GHs can be found. But all GHs are within 15-20min. on foot or 20-30B by tuk-tuk. When you arrive at the bus station, many people come and offer accommodation. They all have flyers with the map of Chiang Rai. You can get those even you don't go with them. Very useful.
Generally speaking the quality is very good.
After arriving at the bus station, go out the street in front of you and walking to right. Then you come to the main street of Chiang Rai where Pizza Co located. ITIS calls this street Pizza co Rd.


S of the town
From the bus station, go S on Pizza Co. Rd. Turn right at the first corner. Closest from the bus station.
h1 Orchard Hut: just N from the bus station. T053-712460, ab HW f d250, a/c 350
h2 Korean GH: 1006 Jedyord Rd. T053-752300,, f sb HW d100-150B C3. Rooms are large but no rooms have bathrooms. From the bus station go out to Pizza Co Rd and turn left. Turn right at the first corner. It is on the right side.
h3 Tourist Inn: 1004/4-6 Jodyod Rd. T053-714682, f ab CW d150-200, HW d180-250, a/c d350 R C4. a lot of books. From the Pizza Hat go S and turn right at the first corner and turn left at the T-section(a big temple). It is on the right side. One of the closest to the bus station. Air conditioned relaxing lobby with CTV. Japanese owner.
h4 Baan Bua GH: 879/2 Jodyod Rd. T053-718880, f ab d200-250, a/c s250 d300B R(7:30-22:00) La C4
From the Pizza Co. go S, turn right at the first corner and turn right and turn right again into a small soi. There is a sign on the road. All rooms are huge with sitting place in front of the rooms.
Highly Rec
h5a Boonbundan GH: 1005/13 jedyod Rd. T053-717040,
f ab HW d170-200, CTV d250-350, a/c d350-500B C4. large rooms. From the Pizza hat, go S, 1st corner turn right, turn right again at the temple and turn left to a soi. It is on the right side of the soi. They have another hotel.
h5b Boonbundan GH: f ab HW d150, TV(L) table+desk d200B C3. large rooms. From the main building, walk on the same street further and turn left. It is on the left side.

N and NW from the bus station.
Walk N on Pizza co Rd. then cross the big street. Except the first one, it takes 10-15 mins on foot. By tuk-tuk 20-30B
h12 Mae Kok Villa: 445 Singhakhlai Rd. Go N from Pintamon GH, you will reach Police station. Turn left then you can reach TAT. 200m W from TAT, just opp from Over Brooke Hosp. T053-711786,
dr 60B/p C2, f ab CW sb-HW s130 d210, HW s170 d280 , new s200 d320B C4 PC la. Recently the bathrooms have been renovated. Large and beautiful garden. Large clean rooms with bed making, towel, soap, toilet paper, and drinking water supply everyday. At night you can see fire flies from the sociable cool veranda. Highly Rec
h13 Chat House: 3/2 Soi Saengkaew. Tirrat Rd. alley just N of the Wat Prakao.and Go S from the Over Brook Hosp. corner and turn right at the first alley. T053-711481, f sb HW (gas heated) s80 d160 ab d200 C4 R(7-21:00) CTV(at restaurant) nice garden and very cozy and sociable. Friendly staff. The restaurant close too early to enjoy movies. Many books. luggage 20B while you are away Rec

NE from the center.
Walk N on Pizza co Rd. then cross the big street. From the police station, continue walking N. It takes 10-15 mins on foot. By tuk-tuk 20-30B
h15 Bowling GH: 399 Singhaklai Rd. T053-712704, sb d100B HW la(30B/kg) R(7-20:00)C2 rental bike 30B Basic
h16 Lotus GH.: 247 Singhaklai Rd. T053-716662, sb-HW s100, ab HW d150-200B family room d350B, R(7-20:00) C4, New, clean GH with square green garden. Rec
h17 Jitaree GH.: 246/3 Singhaklai Rd. T053-719348,, ab HW s100 d150 C4 PTC, Very new, clean GH with large beds in the large rooms. Highly Rec
h7 Maehongson GH: 126 Singhaklai Rd. T053-715367 From Pizza Hat keep going N. The end of the road(pass Pintamorn GH, police station) f sb d100, ab d150B mos-net C3 Very cozy, stylish Thai sytle house and sociable with very very nice atmosphere Rec.

Further N.
Walk N on Pizza co Rd. then cross the big street. From the police station, turn right. it takes 20-30mins on foot. By tuk-tuk 30+B
h20 Chian House: 172 Sri Boon Raung Rd. T053-713388,
f sb s60-80, ab s120B+, d200-400B HW R(excellent) C3, swimming pool. From the police station go E then turn left at the first light cross the bridge and turn right at the Chian GH sign(the letters are fading out.) and keep walking as the road goes for 200m(street turns but stay on the street.) or after crossing the bridge, keep walking 150m. After you see the sign of soi 7 on the left, turn right to soi Sai Thong and turn right again. The GH is on the left.

W of the town
Walk N on Pizza co Rd. then turn left at the big street. Pass the clock tower, The road turns right. You can see a few GH around the corner except Ben GH. It takes 15-20mins on foot. By tuk-tuk 20-30B
h25 Golden House(Ya House): 163/1 Banphaprokan Rd. T053-717090, f sb HW d100, ab s100-250, d300B, fr d380, la(40B/kg) R(7-24)C3 From the clock tower go W. On the left side just before the road turn to right. 2 story bungalows with balcony
h26 Lek GH: 95 Ratchayotha Rd. T053-713337 From the clock tower go W and the road turn to right. Then this GH on the left. dr50B, sb s80 d100 C2, ab s150 d180, a/c ab s250 d300 HW(gas) C4, R(8-20:00) STV la(30B/kg) free luggage storage while you are away. Expensive rooms are fuge. Rec
h27 Be Fine GH(Ben GH): Sankhongnoi Rd. Soi 4, T053-756568, f sb s80 d100 C3, ab s120 d140-200, a/c TV fr d350+B C4 R(7-22:00) la From the bus station, go S on Pizza Co. Rd. 2 nd right and pass Chiang Rai Hosp. and a light. Continue on Sankhongnoi, turn right at soi 4. The GH is almost the end. Beautiful Lanna style GHs. Very communal and excellent staff. 30min on foot and 30+B by tuk-tuk. Rec(New section only).

h30 HOME STAY AT THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE-NORTHERN THAILAND: 20km from Chiang Rai, 30km from the airport, free pick up from the bus station/airport T07-1914388 sb f 580B/p with 3 meals la(free), rb(free)
A private owned residence surrounded by paddy fields, rivers and lakes, mountains and hills. Very ideal for people who enjoys nature and the local culture of the northern Thai.

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