Chiang Rai, THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38B, June 17, 2006

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When you arrived at bus station, many people comes from GH to get you their places. They all have nice leaflets which contains good maps. Get some of them even you don't stay theirs.
Please find a street, called Paholyotin Rd where Pizza Hat is located. The street is running N to S through Chiang Rai town and just W from the bus station. We call this street Pizza Hat street If you go N on the Pizza hat street from the bus station and turn left at the first traffic light, you will see a clock tower. This is another landmark we mention. Non of the GHs are close to the bus station. Most of them are about 1-1.5km away from the bus station, no more than 20B for tuk-tuk. You can even walk to them.
i Tourist Information(TAT): 448/16 Singhakhlai Rd T717433, Go N on Pizza Hat Rd. from bus station, after 10 min. walk, turn left after the Police station. TAT is just on the right side. 8:30-16:30, Very helpful. knowledgeable staff. Chiang Rai map is excellent and free. It contains maps of the town, the area, Mae Sai, Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen and Chiang Khong plus bus information.
Tourist map:
available at book shops. It contains major tourist spots around Chiang Rai with color. 100B. Good map.
$ Banks / Exchange: many in town. At least 4 banks have exchange booths on Pizza Hat street. The rate varies so compare their rate before the action. The generally speaking Military Bank offers good rate for dollars and yen T/C.
$a ATM: Many in town.
P1 Tourist Police: GF of TAT, see the TAT above for the location. Singhaclai Rd. T717796, T191, T1155
P2 Police station: N. end of Pizza Hat street + Singhaclai Rd.
H1 Chiang Rai Hospital: Satharn Payabarn Rd. SW from the bus station. T711300.
H2 Over Brooke Hosp.: Singhambin Rd. T711366, 200m W from TAT, English, Emergency
ph Pharmacy: Many in town.
M0 Post office/Telephone: Prau Chiang Mai Rd.(N of the Morning Market.), E from the market. internet 0.5B/min. M-F 8:30-15:30, Sa9-12:00
M0 Telephone offices: at post office and N end of Ngammuang Rd., NW from the Morning Market.
M1 oversea call mobile phones: Many are available near bus station. 20B/min for the most of the countries.

A Airport: 12km N from the town. Tuk-tuk 100B or less.
international flights: Singapore, Kunming. Domestic BKK, Chiang Mai, Phuket.
TG Thai Airways: T711179, on the Pizza Hat Rd. just N from the bus station.M-F8-12, 14-17:00
8G Angel Airlines: T793048
AIQ Air Asia:
OX Oriental Thai: T053-79-3555
B But station: B Bus station: Center of the town. E from Poholyotin Rd and N of Prasopsuk(E from Pizza Hat) T711224. Luggage dep. At TPK Tour, just N of the bus station. 10B/day. You may be able to leave your luggage behind the ticketing counter. Ask for the ladies.
ta VIP Bus agent Bo Ko So: T711369, Siam First tour T711882, Sombat Tour T714971, Indra tour 711080. They all have counter at the bus station or offices around the bus station. The quality is better than state-run buses.
T No train station. Chiang Mai is the closest. 3hrs by bus.
F Boat pier, 2.5km from the town center. From TAT, go W along the Maekok River, cross the 2 nd bridge(1 st one goes only to a hotel.).You will see the pier on the right of the bridge. To Thaton 10:30

City Transport
Chiang Rai itself is a big town, but you can walk around the center. Very hard to find a rental bike but many
rb rental motor bikes: Many in town, from 100B/day. Mountain bikes are 200B/day. Walk S from the clock tower, left side.
rb rental bike, If you want to rent a cheap bicycle. ask at GHs. such as Maekok Villa, 50B/day for the guests.
ta TPK Tour: can arrange Laos visa with 2000B, takes 1 day. Too expensive. You can get it much cheaper in Chiang Khong or CM.
ta Sunny Sanaey Travel: 897/3 Jedyod Road 053-752-368

m1 Morning Market & night market: 1 block N from the clock tower. Big market selling daily goods to food. Food courts are inside offering simple food with 20B, After 15:00 many stalls are open on the street and selling cheap food, vegetable and fruits. Very few for evening meal.(2 stalls where you can sit and eat.)
m2 Food market: E from the bus station. More varieties but more expensive than m1 for veg and fruits. And A few stalls to eat.
m3 Night Bazaar: Just NW from the bus station. Smaller version of one in Chiang Mai. Many hill tribe people come and sell their products.Also open air food court with live music. Excellent place to enjoy evening.
s Tea shop: Jodyod Rd. N from Jodyod temple, E side. selling many different type of tea. You can taste some.
s Orn's Book Shop: Walk W from Jodyod temple and turn right at T-section. Walk to the end and turn left. 8-20:00 Used book shop. Exchange books possible.

sw Swimming Pool and fitness gym: Pratu Chiangmai + Thai Rat. S from Wat Prakaew and W from the Morning Market. M-F16-18:00, Sa-Su10-18:00, pool 30B, gym 20B. Mainly kids are in the pool but excellent swimming pool, more than 1m depth 25m length. Proper swimming suits required.
Massage in Chaing Rai can be found around Wang Come Hotel, W from the bus station. But the quality of their skill are very low. Most massage clinic charge 200-300B/2 hrs. Some offer a small discount for 1 hr. Only one reasonable place is found.
ma Massage: almost W end of Pratu Chiangmai, There is a nursery on N side of the street. The massage clinic is inside. 100B/hr. one lady and blind man.
c Movie theater: E from Bus station. 60B for premier movies but only in Thai.
sc Thai Language lesson: contact to T755193, 1 week(9 hrs) group 1200B, private 1900B, 20day(30 hr) group 3800, private 5700B.
la Kai Landry: Jodyod Rd, just N from Jodyod temple, E side. 20B/kg

Festival in Chiang Rai 2000
1/24, 2/7, 3/27
Hilltribe Friendship Festival: Hilltribe performances in Huay Maesai village. Light and Sound show.
4/2 Lanna Thai Heritage Fair: Cultural performances and local food evening market at Cultural Hall.
4/13-15 Songkran: Parade, Beauty contest and many other local performances
5/22-6/6 Lynchee Fair: Parade and beauty contest at Provincial Stadium.
10/28, 11/25, 12/23 Light and Sound show "Akha The Tribeman" at Hilltribe Development and Walfare Centre
11/11 Loy Krathong::Beauty and Big Krathong(floating decoration) contest, local performances and boat racing.At Mae Fah Luang Bridge.
12/16-17 Chiang Food Fair: Food sale and Lanna Cultural Performances. Banphaprakran Rd.

Festivals in Nan
End of Feb Flower Festival
10/28-29 Traditional boat racing: Boat racing, local cultural performances, sale of local products
end of Dec Miss Nan and Miss Hilltribe contest

Festival in Phrae
3/19 Phrathat Chohae Festival: Parade and local performances
4/11-17 Pha Nang Koy Songkran: fireworks, beauty contest, etc.
10/10-11 Wiang Kosai Loy Krathong: Big parade, beauty contest, hot air balloon contest,

Festival in Phayao
3/5 King NgamMuang Ceremony: Parade
3/4-5 Tai Lua Tribal Legendary Fair: Parade and Exhibition of Tai Lua lifestyle
3/24-25   Mountain Bike Challenge: 2 days race for 100km with mountain bikes. It includes elephant riding tour. Contact 744674-5,
5/17 Phra Chao Ton Luagn Homage Paying Festival(Grand Buddha Image) Parade and Entertainment

Many internet place are in Chiang Rai. Most of them are located in the center of the town. Most of them charging 0.5B/min. The cheapest is 15B/hr
@1 Cybernet: From Pizza Co. go N and turn left at the first corner. Just s from Wang Come Hotel: 0.5B/min. open till 22:00 unless many customers are in.
@2 Connect Cafe: opp from Pizza Company 20B/first 20min then 40B/hr, Camera 10Bhr, headphone 10B/hr, WIFI, CD burn 50B, oversea call 5B+/m, no microphone rental
@3 Kennet: on the street of Korean GH, 30B/hr, Japanese, and video chat possible.
@4 Pure Power: Rattanakhet Rd.(further N from Pizza Co. Rd and 50m N from one above) 9-21:00 1B/min 256k connection. 5min free to check if you have got a mail or not. They will book for Air Asia.

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