Chiang Khong THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38, June 18, 2006

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Chiang Khong Map
No airport, no train station. Bus is the only transport from here.

N: Non air conditioned, A2: 2 nd a/c no toilet, A1: 1 st a/c with a toilet
There are 4 bus offices in Chiang Khong. All are S of the town, Facing S from the bridge, on the right side,Sombat then the bus to Chiang Rai, on the left, buses to Chiang Mai then the government bus to BKK.
B1 Bus to Chiang Rai: There are two routes. Both are same fare.54B many 4:30-15:45
B2 Sombat: V: BKK:887B, 16:05, A1: BKK:634B, 16:00, 16:10,
A2: BKK-
495B, Pitsanalok-330B, 7:25, 15:05
B3 Bus to Chiang Mai: N:151B 6:00, A2: 211B 11:40, A1: 272B 9:00
B4 Government bus: A2: BKK:494B, Pitsanalok:294B, 15:00, 15:10, A1: BKK:634B 15:45
B5 Chiang Sean: middle of the town. 2 hrs pickups 8-12:00 60B from opp from Post office
B6 Minivan to Chiang Mai: opp from the immigration at the border, 220B 10:30, 18:30 3hrs.

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