Chiang Khong THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38, June 18, 2006

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Chiang Khong Map
Most GH has a restaurant. Some GHs have river-view restaurants which are usually expensive but good place to meal with very relaxing atmosphere. But be aware of mosquito.Most restaurants are N part of the town around Travelers Corner. In the evening many stalls are on the main street, but most of them close after 21:00. Restaurants are open late.

r1 Super BBQ: Main Road W S from Banboo Riverside GH/Chiang Kong hotel, all you can eat BBQ 79B. 17:00-23:00, You may have to pay for drinking water/ice Meat/veg/fruit Excellent value. Highly Rec
r3 Khon Kwan Restaurant: on the main street W side. N from Border GH. Very popular local restaurant.
h12 Baan Chiangkhong GH& restaurant: On the main street, N from travelers Corner. tourist restaurant with STV.
r5 Lomtawan: just N from the Speed internet near the Travelers Corner. Thai food, meal 40B+, setting tables in a half open space. Very comfortable. Good food.

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