Chiang Khong THAILAND

Area Code 053 $1=38, June 18, 2006

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Chiang Khong Map

Many GHs in the N part of the town. Mainly on the Main road(both sides) and some off road from it.. Ones off from the Main Rd to E are on the river and more expensive. We list the GHs from the S, bus station, to N immigration/pier to Laos
S of the town.
Walk from the bus station and cross a bridge, at the immigration, turn into a small street toward the river.Except h1, all are on the river and have the great view to Mekong river.
h1 Ingkhong: The first one on the right, T053-791659,, fr CTV HW f ab d400 a/c 500 C5 large rooms.
h2 CK Riverview Hotel: next to Ingkhong, on the river. T053-791375,, TV HW f d350, a/c d500 C4 Excellent view from the 350B rooms.
h3 Chom Khong: N from CK Riverview, T053-655661. .f ab HW PTC d200, river side balcony CT CTV s250 d300-350B C4 la Nicest GH in town. Wooden floor with terrace with nice view to the river. TV with CNN. Price could be negotiable Rec
h4 Rimnam: N from Chom Khong, T053-655680,, CTV HW f ab d350 C4 fuge rooms and excellent view for Mekong river Highly Rec
h5 Baan Pat Phong: 177/1 M2, N from Rimnam. T053-655092, f ab HW CTV fr d300B C4 huge rooms and huge balconies Highly Rec

Passing Post Office
Walk N 5 mins from the area above. All GHs are on the main road.
h6 Namkhong Riverside Hotel: Main street, E side. opp from Green Tree House,, T053-4326837, a/c ab HW CTV fr d650B(HS800) bf C5 balconey CT
h7 Green Tree House: Main Rd. W side rather center part of the town. f sb s60 d80 HW C3 Small but very cozy rooms in a small Thai style house. Old but clean. Rec
h8 Bann Fai GH: Main Rd. E side. T053-791394,, f CTV sb HW s80 d100, ab d150 C3 Small but very cozy rooms in a small Thai style house. Free transport to immigration to Laos. River view from the terrace. Rec
h9 Border GH: Main Rd W side, opp from Travelers Corner. f sb HW CTV s80 d100-120 C2 Cheap Rec
h10 Baan Tam-mila GH: Enter from Main Rd to an allery to the river, E, just S from the Travelers Corner, T891-234, f ab HW s200 d250 C2 P, s250 d350 C4 PTC, riverside d450B, R(8-10:00) rb(130B/day) Meal is available 7-12:00 only. After 12:00 drinks only. Beautiful bungalows in a garden. Excellent view to the river from the terrace. Riverview restaurant.
h11 Huan-thai Sophaphun Resort: Next to Baan Tammila Gh. T791-446 f ab s200 d400, view s500 d600B HW C4 Expensive but excellent view (Closed? Probably it is under renovation)

N from Travelers Corner
h12 Baan Chiangkhong GH: 68/1 M1(Main Rd) W side. N from Travelers Corner. T053-791182, f ab HW CTV d200a/c d300B C3. Large rooms Rec
h13 Bamboo Riverside GH: 71/1 M1(Main Rd.) E side. by the river, f sb s100, a150 C2, ab HW d300B, C3 R(river view) bungalows and River view restaurant . Food is bit expensive but too many mosquitos Too expensive.
h14 Boon House: 401/1 M1(Main Rd.) E side. by the river T053-791310, f ab HW backside d200, view d250-300, a/c d400B C4 Comfortable rooms. Huge deck in front of the riverview rooms.
h15 Borisut GH: on an alley entered W from Main Rd. opp from @net internet. ab HW s100 d150 C2 simple but good value Rec
h16 PJ GH: 57/1 M1(Main Rd) T053-655439, f ab s/d150-250 C2 Large rooms and a large common space, No view to the river.
h17 Namkhong GH: Main Rd. E side. T053-655-102, f sb HW d100(riverview), d150(back side no view), C3. R basic but good value

The road to the pier
500m N from the area above.
h20 Baan Thip GH: Enter (E) to the road to the boat pier to Laos. side of Main Rd. near the river. near the Thai border immigration and the pier. f ab HW d250B C3 towel friendly and very nice GH.
h21 356 GH: opp from Baan Thip GH, near the Thai immigration. sb f s80 d100 C2 basic rooms
h22 SP GH: 300m W from Main Rd. Enter from the intersection which leads to the pier T791182, f sb HW s80, sb bungalow s100, ab s150 d200 la(5B/p) C2
h23 Sawadee Homestay: #526 M1, 100m N from the road to the border. ab HW d200 C5 Large 2F deck Rec

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