Chiang Khong THAILAND

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Chiang Khong is a very popular gateway town to the Northern part of Laos. From here you take a boat to cross the Mekong River to Laos village, Houexai. Chiang Khong is accessible from major tourist destinations in N. Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chiang Sean. The accommodation facilities are better and cheaper than Houexai, Laos village across the river. The most popular boats on Mekong leave only in the morning, many budget travelers prefer to stay here rather than Houexai.
Chiang Khong can offer many natural beauty, such as water falls, mountains near the town.

Access & Arriving:
From Chiang Rai:
2hrs by bus. Arriving at the main bus station, S of the town.
From BKK: 13hrs by bus. Arriving at the main bus station.
From Chiang Saen: 2-3hrs by pickup truck. It enters from the N, near the border to Laos to Center of the town.
From Huoexai, Laos: by small boat to N of the town. You can cross the border if you leave early from Luang Prabang by a speed boat.

The town is laid along the Mekong river for 3-4km, stretching from S to N, at the S end the bus station is located and at the N end the border point. You can walk to a guest house of your choice from either the bus station or the border. You may use a tuk-tuk if you like with

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