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Area Code 053 $1=38, June 18, 2006

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Chiang Khong Map
Almost all facilities are on the main road parallel to the Mekong River. There is a bridge on the S part of the road. S from the bridge you can see bus stops, Market, N from there the main part of the town, GHs and restaurants, stretching to N. The crossing point to Laos is at the N end.

i Tourist Office TAT: None, but the information of Chiang Khong and Laos can be obtained at Travel agents.
$ Banks / Exchange / ATM: A few banks with ATMs can be found on the main road. S part of the town. They open during same time. M-F8:30-15:30 rate & T/C com. same as Bangkok.
P2 Police: on the Main Rd. E side. S part the town
I Immigration: on the Main Rd. just N from the bridge and S from Police station. M-F8:30-12, 13-16:30. The immigration at the pier process only entry/exit matter.
H Clinic: on the main road opp from the school, S of Esso gas station.
ph Pharmacy: on the Main Rd. E side. S part the town. N from Police
M0 Post Office: Main Rd. E side. If you are coming from the market , jut before the Wat Luang. M-F8:30-16:30, SaSu 9-12:00 It also has telephone and internet (CATNET)facilities.
ta1 Anne Tour: Main Rd(#166 M.8 Saikland Rd.). W side E-mail: @-0.5B/min. It also has an excellent restaurant. Visa service to Laos: fee may vary according to your passport. 30 day visa 2200B. Ms. Wat is happy to answer for all your question.Rec
ta2 Travelers Corner: Main Rd E side, across the street from ta1 Visa service to Laos: fee may vary according to your passport.
m Piang All: On the main Rd W side, opp from the post office Minimart 8-24:00
la laundry shops: On the main Rd near Tammilo, 5B/p

Border crossing to Laos:

Border opens 8:00-18:00
At the N. end of the Main Rd. 200m after the "New Port" Turn right which is a wide road on the right down to the river, Don't go down to "New Port". At the pier, you go through Thai immigration and take a small boat to the other side,
20B/p or 5000k. Walk up to the Laos immigration. Lane Xang Bank's booth can change money to Lao kip.
15 day visa. $31
Available on the border. No need to ask at travel agents
30 day visa: by travel agents and many guest houses. 2 days service 1800-2000B(300-500B fee + official visa cost). Not possible to get it on the same day. You have to leave the passport to the agent with 2 photos because they send those to the Laos embassy in BKK. We found 2 travel agents are very informative.

to Thailand from Laos: 30 day Thai visa will be issued on arrival for free.

City Transport
Town is small enough to walk.
rb1 rental bike: Main Rd. Just N from Bamboo GH 20/hr, 100B/day
rb2 rental bike: Main Rd. W side across from Travelers Corner 20B/hr

Shopping / Other
m Markets: on the Main Rd., S part near the bus stop off from the Esso gas station. Food and Cloth. On Friday morning to 13:00, it gets really big.
ma massage: on the Main Rd. E side, middle part of the town. between Baan Fai GH & GH Uncle Bodos.

Festival 2001
4/18-5/30 Chiang Khong Songkran Festival and Giant Catfish "Pla Buek" breeding: Many food from the Mekong river can be tasted.

@ Internet @
@1 STC Travel: Just N from the temple next to the post office, 15B/30min.
@2 Speed: Just N from Anne Travel, 15B/30min. Video Chat possible, Japanese.
@2 @net: Main rd E side. N part of town, near Boon House(h14)

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