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You can find food from all over the world in Chiang Mai. It is a good place to try a Khantoke dinner, formal northern traditional meal with traditional hilltribe dancing. 2 main venues are 1) Old Chiang Mai Culture Center, 185/3 Wisalai Rd, 2) Imperial Mae Ping Hotel, S from Night Market. Many visitors eat in the food night market next to the night bazaar.

Photo: Pat Thai street stall woman. Best Pat Thai in Thailand

m2 Sompet Market: Soi 67 on Moon Muang Rd. cheap local food. Rec
m3 Wahorat Market: Near Ping River Chiang Moi Rd. selling vegetable, fruit, flowers, etc. Highly Rec

Food Court
m1 Night Market Food Court Anusan: Chang Klang Rd. E side. SE from Suriwongse Hotel. Many restaurants can cook warm food for you. Small stage has been set and comparing with one at closed Galarie, much smaller dancing and singing performances are held every night.

Breakfast Buffet
r1 Downtown Inn: From Daungtawan Hotel, walk E toward the river. It is on the right side. 150B
Rama House: #8, Moonmuang soi 5, T053-22502, buffet bf 99B for 8-14:00
r2 Smile GH: Ratchamankha Rd in S part of Old city, 100m W from Corner Restaurant, buffet bf 120B
 r Laming Lodge: Loi Krao Rd near Center Point Hotel 140B

Lunch Buffet 11:30-14:00
r3 Mae Ping Hotel: SW from the Night bazaar. 254B. The expensive but the value the best as well. Rec.
r5 Suriwongse Hotel: just S from the night market Thai buffet(all you can eat) 135B more than 40 different kinds of food, incl. cakes and coffee good value. Cantonese buffet 18:00-, 115B, no Tea/coffee included
r6 Lanna Plaza Hotel: 2km S from the Night bazaar. on Chang Klang Rd. 100B The taste is good. Also good choice.Rec
r7 Novotel: 183 Changpuak Rd. just N from Chang puak Bus station. 195B Good high class buffet.
r8 Soudesu: Chiang Mai Land 3 km S from the Night night, T348350, 11-14 lunch all you can eat Japanese food 200B. They may serve dinner 17-22:00.(2002 info)
r9 Pizza Hut: Chiang Inn Plaza and Carrefore Centre, M-F16-18:30, 79B 4 kinds of pizza, refill-free pepsi 35B, .Rec Currently no buffet is served.

Inside the Moat
r10 Gohanya: Rajapokaenai Rd, S from Rachadamnoen. , Japanese, set mene 60B+, 8:30-14:00,17:00-21:00. completely overpriced and the quality went down. No reason to come here.
r11 J-J's Bakery: Montri Hotel at Tha Phae Gate.
Western, moderate 6:30-22:30
Ice cream, Western BF, Good baguette sandwiches. A/C.
r12 Irish Cafe: 24/24-1 Rajawitte Rd.
Western, moderate Irish pub. Irish style meals - shepherds pie,
Home made cakes, bottled Guinness. Book exchange
r13 Banrai Steak House: 5 Phra Pokkiao Rd. soi 13, steak, 105-300B, drink 20B+, very big portion. 9:00-23:00 Open air Restaurant Good quality Rec
r14 Home Made Bread Thai Vegetarian Food: 35/1 Moonamuang Rd. Soi 7A), T217120, NE part of the old city. Excellent vegetarian food and home made bread. Much better than AUM. Food 30B+, American Breakfast 65B, Fresh juice 30B Highly Rec
r15 Cafe Nap: 32-34 Rajapokeenai Rd.near Banana GH 10-23:00 Very pleasant out door cafe with a room.
r16 Kanjaha Restaurant: on Rachadamnoen Rd. soi 3, opp from Kavil GH. Very cheap and delicious Rec
r17 Local Restaurant: on Rachadamnoen Rd.From the Tha Pae gate, go W and it is on the right side after the 2nd traffic light. Rice or rice soup 1B and dishes are very cheap. No English menu so you may point to dishes locals are eating. Highly Rec

East from the Moat
r20 Sakura: Japanese, From Thapae Gate walk E and turn left at the 1st street(not next to the moat) and walk 200m N
r21 Daret GH Rest.: 4/5 Chiayapum Rd.
Int'l, cheap, Open air, very popular. Good meeting place. Car fumes from the road are quite strong. Good bf 55B. Rec
r22 J.J Cafe: Thae Pae Rd. just E from Tha Pae gate. And 6:30-23:00, refill free coffee 35B, air conditioned high quality cafe. Rec
r23 local cafe: Out door cafe at the junction of S end of Tha Pae Rd soi 4 where Midtown GH is located. American bf 35B with fruit. Excellent value. Very friendly owner.
r24 Uchu-dou/J & N's bookstore: 36-38 Kamphangdin Soi1
Japanese, 8:30-20:00 curry rice 80B, katsudon 90B

South from the night market
r30 ABC(Mu-kai?): Night food Anusarn market. At the E end of the market. All you can eat Thai BBQ 69B, water 10B. Beef
r31 Noodle soup shop: #164/48 Changklan Rd., Walk S from night market(Starbucks) 10min. It is on the right side. 20B. Very soft and delicious beef.
r32 Deco Cafe: #164/30 Changklan Rd.(the number is not in sequence.) Further S from the Beef noodle shop above. Stake buffet 11:30-14:00, 17-21:00 79B

Ping River East Side
r35 The Whole Earth: 88 Sri Donchai Rd. Soi 6
Indian vegetarian, moderate. 11:00-14:00,17:00-22:00
Lovely house/garden, Upmarket atmosphere, but food isn't as impressive as the environment.
r36 Chez Daniel Le Normand: 68/1 Chiang Mai Lamphun Rd
French It's said that the Royal family have eaten here, we've never tried it though (can't work out when it's open).(97/11 info)
r37 The Riverside: 9-11 Charoan Rat Rd.
Thai/Western 10:00-1:00, Popular drinking spot. Live music. Great location on the river. Rec

Reported by travelers
r Super Five Noodle soup shop: 53/3 Intavaroros Rd, next to the three King Monument.Noodle shop,
Best noodle shop in town.
20B Rec

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