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Chiang Mai is located in the N part of Thailand, center for northern Thai culture, economy & tourism.

The town itself has developed into a modern city crowded with modern commercial buildings and suffering from traffic congestion. Initially there seems little remaining of old Thailand however even in the center you can find many temples and areas that still retain a local character where locals are maintaining a traditional lifestyle.
Festival time is a good time to visit as many events are held here.

It is also the main base for trekking to areas near Laos, Myanmar & China and visiting hill tribe villages.

From BKK:
Easy access by many night trains and night buses. The cheapest transport is a tourist bus from Khaosan Rd. This bus arrives a bit out from the center. You have to take a transport to the center.
From major cities in other area, many buses running to CM.

When you arrive at a Chiang Mai transport hub, you can take a city bus to the center or other transport hubs. 15B (6:00-19:00)
Arriving to the airport:
Pickups 30-50/p
to the city center
Meter taxi:
40-60B + airport fee 50B
City bus:
To Tha Pae Gate #11, to the arcade bus station #11, 6, to Chang Puak Bus station #6
Arriving to the train station.
to the center 20B/p.
City Bus: Tto Tha Pae Gate/Arcade bus station/Airport #13
Many GH are offering free ride. Even if you do not have a reservation you may take one of them.But they will never give you a room unless you buy their trekking tour, 3-500B more expensive than trekking agents.If they will not provide a room, you may leave to other GH
Arriving at Arcade bus station. pickup trucks to the city center 20B/p.Meter taxi 50-60B
City bus:
To Tha Pae Gate #11, 13, to the train station #13, to the airport #11, 6, to Chang Puak Bus station #6
Arriving at Chang Phuak Bus station from the area N from C.M.,
pickups to the center 20B/p
City bus:
To the airport City Bus # 6, to Arcade Bus station City Bus # 6



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