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i1 Tourist Office: TAT, 105/1 Chiang Mai-Lamphun Rd. T053-24860,4 8:00-16:30, map, Free pamphlets, many information. HCD phone The staff speak fluent English and very helpful. Good free guide booklet Passport to Suvannaphoum for N. Thailand and Laos. see more info below.
i3 Chiang Mai Municipal Information Center: Tha Pae Rd + Charoem Prathet Rd. 8:30-12, 13-16:30. Convenient location. Good info.
Tourist map: available from many stores in C.M. 30-60B
is also very detailed. free
useful free publications: Trip info, the 'Chiang Mai Newsletter', 'What's On', 'Chiang Mai this week', 'Welcome to Chiang Mai', 'Guidelines Chiang Mai', etc. All incl maps and useful tourist information. Available at TAT, cafes, money changers, train st., etc.
AE American Express: Sea Tours,2/3 Prachasamphan Rd. T271441, M-F8:30-16:30 Lunch 12-13:00. Sa.8:30-11:30
Client mail services, refunds. No exchange.
$ Banks / Exchanges /ATM : Many places in the city M-F .8:30-16:30 Many exchange booths open till late. Many ATM
P Tourist Police: Under TAT office. T248974 T191(24h)
6:00-24:00 Int'l phone(no charge for collect)
I Immigration: 97 Sanambin(Airport) Rd., just before the airport T277510 M-F8:30-12,13-16:30
E1 USA: 387 Wichayanon Rd T053-252629 M,W13:00-15:30
E1c Canada: 151 C.M. - Lamphang superhighway T053-850147
E44 British Council: 198 Bumrungrat Rd T053-263015
E61 Australian: 165 Sirimankalajan T053-49280
E33 French: 138 Charoen Prathet Rd, T053-281466
E49 Germany: T053-838735
E39 Italy: T053-212925
E43 Austria: 15 Moo 1, Huay Kaew Rd. T053-400231
E46 Sweden: IMengrai Ratsamee Rd?. T053-298632
E358 Finland: 104-112 Tha Pae Rd?. T053-234777
E81 Japanese: Suite 104-107 Airport Business park 90 Mahidol Rd. T053-203367 F053-203373
E86 China: 111 Changlor Rd. S from the old city. T053-274614, Visa M-F9-11:30, 1 month 1100B, need 4 days. 1 photo.
E91 India: Faham Rd. T053-243066 Visa M-F 9-12:00, 6 Month Multi 1900B USA 2900B, 4 days, 2 photos.
E880 Bangladish: T053-212273
E51 Peru: T053-306358
H1 McCormick Hospital: Kaew Nawarat Rd. T241107 24 hours
H2 Chiang Mai Univ H.: Suthep Rd. NW from town 24 hours
H3 Malaria Center: 18 Bunruangrit Rd. T221529, M-F8:30-16:30
H4 Ching Mai Ram Hospital: 8 Boonruangrit Rd. T053-224861,
Just W from the NW corner of old city
H5 Big Smile Dental Clinic: Amari Hotel, 1 Nimmanhaeminda T895179
H6 Chiang Mai Dental Clinic: 159/1 Chang Puak Rd. T217557
Hp Pharmacy: many in town.
M0 Post Office (GPO): Charoen Muang Rd. near train station.
M-F 8:30-16:30, Sa 9:00-12:00 Fax, Packing service, Poste Restante - 1B/letter - show passport.
M2 PO Branch: Phra Pokklao Rd. + Ratwithi Rd M-F8:30-16:30 Sa 9-12:00
M3 PO Branch (Private): Basement of Night Bazaar
M1 Telephone: Above GPO Home Country Direct, Available at TAT, Airport, GPO, Tha Phae Gate, Thai Airway office

A C.M.Int'l Airport: Airport Rd, 3km SW from city T053-270222, TAT, exchange, ATM, a restaurant, some fast food, post office. no telephone office, but HCD phone available.
Transport: City bus #6, 11 15B From the center, take #11 near Thapae Rd, Rachadamnoen Rd near Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai Gate, etc.
From the airport:
30-50/p to the city center
Meter taxi:
40-60B + airport fee 50B
City bus:
To Tha Pae Gate #11, to the arcade bus station #11, 6, to Chang Puak Bus station #6
T Train Station: 27 Charoen Muang, E edge of city T053-245363
Luggage storage
5B/day 4:50-20:45,
From the town center to the train station:
pickups 20B/p+ City bus #13
From the train station
to the center
City Bus: To Tha Pae Gate/Arcade bus station/Airport #13
Many GH are offering free ride. Even if you do not have a reservation you may take one of them.But they will never give you a room unless you buy their trekking tour, 3-500B more expensive than trekking agents.If they will not provide a room, you may leave to other GH
B1 Arcade Bus Station: Kaew Nawarat Rd, NE edge of city
Long distance buses.
To the bus station:
20B+/p, City bus #11 from Sampet/Warorot Market, from the train station #13, From the airport #6 11
From the bus station:
pickup trucks
to the city center 20B/p.Meter taxi 50-60B
City bus:
To Tha Pae Gate #11, 13, to the train station #13, to the airport #11, 6, to Chang Puak Bus station #6
B2 Chang Phuak Bus Sta.: Chang Phuak Gate on Chang Phuak Rd. N of city. Buses to towns near Chiang Mai.
Transport: City bus #6 to Airport,/Arcade bus station. pickups from/to the center 20B/p
B3 Warorot Market.: near the Mae Pin River, N from Tha Pae Rd.any songthiaws(Minibus) leave from here.
B4 Lunphum Songthiaw.: just opp from TAT. Blue minibuses to Lumphum 20B?

City Transport
Possible to walk to most places within the old city. Bicycle is good in the center area but avoid the main roads - very congested. Songthaews and tuk-tuks run everywhere.
City Bus: New bus system: CM city bus system has been operating with 5 routes. 15 B. (6:00-19:00) They are running every 30-40 mins. Since there are many one way roads in CM, the bus routes are very confusing. But the routes and numbers of the buses have been changed since last year.The old system information are still posted throughout the town. Very confusing.
#2: From the SE part of CM to N part of CM. Not so useful.
#6: Running out skirt of CM. Arcade Bus station - Chang Puak Bus station - Cheung Doi Market(Chiang Mai University) - Maharaj Hospital - W side of Old CM- Airport - Arcade Bus station
#11: Running from Aracade bus station to the airport through the center of CM. Arcade Bus station - Warorot Market - Near Thapae gate - Inside of Old CM - Chiang Mai Gate - Airport
#12: Running from SE part of CM to CM Zoo through the center of CM. SE part of CM - Night market area - N part of Old CM - CM Zoo
#13: Running from Aracade bus station to the Safari park through the center of CM. Arcade Bus station - Train station -Thapae gate - Inside of Old CM - Near the University - Safari park

Songthaews/Minibus/pickups: Small red pick-ups, some seem to be operating on set routes, others are for charter. Within the center 20+B. further out, negotiate beforehand. They try to charge more from tourists. If you ask them to go where they don't normally go, they will ask more. So the key to use this transport is to find a songthiaw where you want to do. It is hard. There are also green, blue, White, yellow songthaews that seem to be operating along set routes, usually to outside from C.M.. Rarely used by non-locals. No information at this time.
Rental Bicycle Many places in city.30-60B/day, deposit passport or 500B
Rental Motorbike:
Many on Moon Muang Road, N from Tha Pae Gate. 120B/day, 190B/day insurance incl. Make sure what their insurance covers.
rb1 Green Pedal Tour: Moonmuang Rd, near Somphet Market. Organizes mountain bike treks 1-7 days.
rb2 Mr Order: at the entrance of Midtown GH.. bike 50B, motor bike 120B with insurance.
rb3 Jaguar: Moon Muang Rd. N from Tha Pae Gate. bike 50B, motor bike 120B+
rb4 Mr. Beer: in the old town. Ratvithi street N from Tha Pae Rd.. mountain bike 60B
Travel Agents:
Many places in city, Guesthouses also reserve transport.
Visa Service: Many travel agents and GHs offer this service.
Laos: 15 days visa 1000B need 3-5 days. 2-day-service 300B extra.
Laos one month visa: the cost varies. (visa cost plus 400B com)
Myanmar: 1-month visa: need 3-5 days 1400B
Airline Office: General Opening hours: M-F8/9-17:00, Sa 9-13:00 See transport page for more details.
ta1 Chiang Mai Supachai Tour: 378 Thapae Rd. T053-874234 Cheapest Laos Visa 900B. Vietnam 2100, Cambodia 1400, Myanmar 1400B
ta2 O.PTravel: 422 Thapae Rd, Very friendly and kind travel agent which sells air tickets.
ta3 Mighty Tour: 34 Soi 1 Loikroa Rd, competitive prices.
ta4 The best Travel: 255 Ta Pae Rd. T053-206940
Air Myanmar
RT6930B, Trekking 2D1N 1200B, 3D2N 1400B

Shopping is a major activity for visitors to Chiang Mai known as the Northern Handicraft capitol. which calls itself . Hill Tribe Handicrafts and textiles are the main souvenirs.
m1 Night Market: Around Chang Klan Rd, 18:00-23:00
Main tourist shopping area. Handicrafts, clothing, jewelry.
m3 Warorot Market: E end of Chiang Moi Rd, next to the river, huge local market for clothing, fruit, flowers Handicrafts, clothing. 7:00-16:00
m2 Sanpet Market: Moon Muang Rd soi 5, N from Tha Pae gate. nice local market.
m4 Sunday Market: Every Sunday evening, a street market is held on the road stretching out to W from Tha Pae Road, selling art craft, local food and more. Much more interesting than the night market. Highly Rec
m5 Galaxy: Newly renovated shopping center with a small food court.
Souvenir shops:
There are handicraft shops along Loi Kroa Rd., near the Night Bazaar area. Hill-tribe jewelry can be found in shops along Wualai Rd.
s Hill tribe Products Found: Suthep Rd
s Thai Tribal Crafts: 209 Bumrungrat Rd. M-Sa 9-17:00
Tribe owned, self-help agency organization.
s Hill-tribe: Handicraft Project 1 Moon Muang Rd, T274877, M-Sa 8:30-16:30
s Hill-tribe Promotion: Ctr 21/17 Suthep Rd,
next to Suan Dok Temple ?, 9:00-17:00 Gov. run.
s DK-Chiang Mai: 79/1 Kotchasarn, 9:30-21:00. Large selection of new English books.
s Book Zone: 318 Thapae Rd, 9:00-22:00. Large selection of New English books and magazines.
s Book Exchange: 21/1 Ratchamanka Soi 2,
M-Sa 9:00-18:00
r Suchada Watanabe(Nancy): 36-8 Kamphangdin Soi 1, Changklan T274275, 8:30-20:00, English, German, Japanese used books. Also a small Japanese restaurant.
la Coin Laundry: Suphan Court apartment on Rachadamneon Rd. soi 1 from n from Nice apartment. Washing machine 20B. The gate is closed at night.
la Laundry: Many places near Guest Houses, 5B/piece, or from 20-35B/kg, overnight service. Inside of the moats looks cheaper than outside. Cheapest ones can be found Rachadamnern Rd.soi 5 15B/kg
la Coin Laundry: Jearranai 178 Chiang Moi Rd,
80B, wash & dry. Very expensive.

Thai massage
Many schools in town, specially around Tha Pae Gate, offering 1 week course. some says Chiang Mai is better than BKK to learn.
ma The Foundation of Moh Shivagakomarapaj, Old Chiang Mai Traditional Hospital: 78/1 Wuolai Rd.opp from Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center T275-085 3180B for 10 day course
ma Traditional Thai Massage Salon Loi Lroh & School: #63/3 Loi Kroh Rd. T274-681, 20 hour course 4000B 2 hour massage 300B
ma Herbal Steam Sauna and massage: Moo Muang soi 5, W from Sunpet market. 16-22:00 sauna 120B/hr massage 180B/hr
Thai cooking
sc1 Cooking Baar Thai: T357339, 700B/day, 1-3 day courses
sc2 Thai language course: 3500B/60 hrs. 2hrs/day. Ask for the location at TAT.

Cultural shows:There are many Thai dance or music shows in town. Info in free magazines or from TAT.
e Nakorn Lanna Dinner Show: Lanna Thai traditional meal and Hill tribe dancing: 84 Changklan Rd. one block S from Night market. 350B/p, 19:30-21:00, T818428
e Hill tribe dancing Dinner show: Old Chiang Mai Culture Center, 185/3 Wualai Rd, 19-22:00 270B/p T202993
e Thai Boxing: Moon Muang Rd. Daily 22:30-. Show for tourists with a drink bar around the ring. Training time 16-19:00 also you can watch.
e Thai Boxing: Near the train station. The largest Thai boxing matches held here every Friday 19:00-, 400B
Check if dubbed.
hotline T225805 press 2 for English
c Saeng Tawan: Chang Klan Rd +Sri Donchai Rd T274486
c Chotana: Chotana Mall, Chang Penk Rd T210377
c Mahanakorn: Chang Puak Rd T221675
c Vista: Kad Suan Kaeu Shopping center. Just out side of the NW corner of the old city. There are more cinemas in town. 70B
c Alliance Francaise: 138 Charoen Prathet Rd T275277
Shows French movies check for program/ listed in free magazines

Festivals 2007
Many free magazines future current festival, available at TAT.
12/31-1/1 New Year's Festival: held at Tha Pae Gate
2/18-19* Chinese New Year: Chinese shops are closed for 3 days. Many events are held in Chinese section
2/1st weekend Flower Festival: the parade on 3rd day
4/1-9 Art & Culture Festival
4/11-15 PH Songkran: Thai New Year's Day last 3 days. 'Water throwing festival' Prepare for getting very wet. Make sure that cameras, etc, are protected.
5/ Walking Up Doi Suthep:
10/28 Lantern Festival:
11/15-17* Loi Krathong
To celebrate the water goddess, people make beautifully decorated little boats made from bamboo and other plants, put lighted candles in them and float them down the river. The river is full of lights. A very romantic & dreamlike festival.
11/10-16 Food Fair: at Choeng Doi Market in Chiang Mai
Festivals held near Chaing Mai (mm/dd)
12/31-1/2 Baan Tawai Wood Carving Fair
1/3rd weekend Borsang Umbrella & Sankampaeng Handcraft Fair: in Chiang Mai and Sankampaeng
2/13-15 Samueng strawberry Fair:
4/2-4 4 th Lampang Giant Drums Festival: the parade on 3rd day
4/12-15 PH Lamphun Songkran: .Parade is held on 15th
5/5   Lampang: Ancient City Pillar Ceremony
6/ Lampang Inthakin:Ancient city Pillar Celebration
11/15-17* Lampang Loi Krathong:

Internet / E-Mail
There are too many internet cafes to list here. Most are charging similar fee. 1B/min. Some cafes are offering free coffee. But There are many internet cafes for local people charging only 10-15B/h on Ratcha Phakninai Rd. inside of moat. Cheap ones close early.
@ internet cafes out side(East) of the old area: Many shops on Tha Pae and Loi Krao. Most of them charge 1B/min and 30-40B/hr. The cheapest shop is the one, Take a road to N, just E from the Starbucks at Tha Pae road. 0.5B/hr
@1 Internet cafe 1999: #154 Rachapakhinai Rd. in old town. Go W from Tha Pae Gate and turn right at the first large street. 5B/15min. Good speed. You can get a stamp for each hour. 1 hr free with 3 stamps.
SE of the Old Chiang Mai There are many cheap internet cafes
@2 internet cafe: just S from Rose GH 15B/hr Camera, headphone but no microphone Japanese OK,
@3 Infinity Rich: 10B/hr headphone microphone but no camera
@4 Tricky Cafe: 15B/hr camera headphone and microphone

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