Area Code 02 $1=38B, July 1, 2006

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The bus fares are 2004 info. Expect 20% incrase

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Suvarnabhumi Airport: E from the center, 1 hr by bus.
Food: very expensive. No fast food at the terminal. Burger King is located after immigration but the prices are not fast food. Only afordable one is the food court for workers is on the ground floor. No 7 Eleven. Very few space to kill time.
@: wi-fi accessible(only http, no mail) @ cafe
100B for 20 mins departure level, right end as you enter.

Access to the city:
taxi from the airport
: To Khaosan 200B + 65B(highway charge)+ 50B airport charge. To avoid this, try to take one coming to the airport at the departure level
Airport bus AE1 - AE4
150B leave from the terminal 5:30-24:00
Local buses: #5xx
35B leave from the airport bus station. Take a free shuttle from the terminal. They are supposed to be 24 hours but day time there are many but after 20:00 very limitied number.

To Khaosan Area: AE2(By public bus only, take #551 to Victory Monument 34B, then take #59, 201, 509 ,etc)
To Northern bus station(Motchit Mai): a minivan.
To Southern bus terminal(Sai Tai Mai): no bus
To Eastern bus station(Ekka Mai): AE3
or #552(35B) to On Nut BTS station then by BTS to Ekka Mai station 15B or you can take any bus on the street.
To the train station: AE4
or #551 to Victory Monument 35B, then take #29 bus(ac 12B red 7B)
To Silom Rd: AE1
To Dongmuang Airport: #554

Long distance buses from the bus station. Take a free shuttle from the terminal.
106B dep 8, 11, 15, 19:00
Nong Khai:
454B dep 21:10
Rayong(near Koh Samet):
120-149B dep 8:10, 15-19:40
278B dep 15:10-19:40
250B dep 6:40, 10:10, 13:10, 16:10, 18:10
From Khaosan Rd.
Airpot Bus(AE2):
leaves from Sawadee Hotel, S from the police. 150B
Public bus: #556 from Ratchadamnoenklang Ave(BS4)
Private mini-bus:
many every hour from Khaosan Rd. Book at Travel agents 170B at night, 1 1/2 hours.

T1 Hualamphong Station: Rama IV Rd. near China town.
Schedule. see other page T223-7010
To Khaosan Rd take
Access: Bus #53 from Pra Athit(BS3), From the airport, take AE3
T2 Thon Buri Station: to Kanchanaburi & Nam Tok. W side of the river, just S from the Bridge closest to Khaosan Rd.
Access: Take S. bound express boat from pier (Tha Phra Athit) to the Thon Buri pier then take a songthaw to the station.
Bus Terminals
B1 Northern/Northeast/Central Bus station(Motchit Mai): Kamphaengphet 2 Rd. NW from Weekend market. Buses to North & Northeast. All 3 terminals have been moved to Kamphaengphet 2 Rd.
They are close each other, as one terminal.
Access: Bus #3 Pra Athit(BS3), From the airport take a minivan
B2 Eastern Bus station(Ekka Mai): Sukhumvit Rd. Bus to E: Trat, Pattaya, Ko Chiang, Access: from Khaosan area, Bus #2, #511 from Ratchadamnoenklang Ave (BS4), From the airport, take #552 to On Nut BTS station and take BTS or a bus for one section.
B3 Southern Bus station(Sai Tai Mai): Phra Pinklao Rd. & near Route338 Bus to S: Ko Samui, Kanchanaburi
Access: from Khaosan area, Bus #30, #3 from 7-11(BS1)& Bus #7, #511 from Ratchadamnoenklang Ave S side.
From the airport, take #556
B Private Bus: leaving from Khaosan Rd. To main tourist destinations. All travel agents and most guest houses sell tickets. Check around.

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