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Mainly the area bordered by the Chao Phraya River & Khlong Banglamphu Canal. Accessible from Khaosan area on foot.
Access: Bus-non a/c bus, a/c air conditioned bus,
From Khaosan
7: on Sam Sen Rd 7-11 shop.
R: Ratchamnoen Rd. Large main Road, S from Khaosan
A: Phra Athit Rd. 5min. W from Khaosan, next to the river.
S Grand Palace & Wat Phra Kaeo Compound
S. from Banglamphu. Huge complex, housing the 2 most important sights in Bangkok. Built from 1782 onwards. Highly Rec
Entrance on the N side - Na Pra Lan Red 8:30-15:30 Entrance Fee 200B incl.Map, guidebook and entry to Vimanmek Palace guided Tours of Palace in English at 10:00, 11:00, 13:00
NO sleeveless tops, shorts or sandals. Free rental of trousers at the entrance, must leave deposit- credit card, passport, etc.
Boromabiman Hall: not visitable
Chakri Mahaprasat: Used for reception. The roof design is mixed of Thai and European style.
Am? Hall: Hall of Justice.
Dusit Hall: formaer Royal residence.
Museum: Near Dusit Hall. Entrance 100B extra
Model of complex, exhibits on palace restoration process.
Wat Phra Kaeo Compound Royal Chapel Brightly coloured, mosaic covered buildings.Photo & Video allowed except inside of the building.
Wat Phra Kaew
(Temple of the Emerald Buddha) was built to house the small, 75cm high jade (Emerald coloured) Buddha, most sacred in Thailand & SE Asia. Now seated in the main chapel.
Bus1,35,44,47,123,210, a/c 2,3,7,8,12,25,39,44,82, 91
From Khaosan 7: Bus #6,#9,#32
S2 Wat Pho (Wat Phra Chetuphon, Temple of Reclining Buddha)
Entrance on Chetuphon Red, 15min.walk S from Grand Palace.
20B 7:00-17:30
Built in 16th C, oldest, largest Wat in Bangkok built by King Ram I.Houses huge, 'Reclining Buddha', 46m long 15m high, with mother-of-pearl feet soles.
Medical Hall:
Thai massage 100B/30min.,180B/1h, 260B with herbal treatment.
Massage course 6000B/30h, 10/15 days
Bus # 53 from Train st. OR express boat to Tha Tien pier, Or boat from Wat Arun, 1B.
Photo: Reclining Buddha
Bus1,19,32,44,53,57,83 a/c 12, 82
From Khaosan 7: Bus #6,#9,#32
S3 Sanaam Luang: Large open area N. from the Grand Palace. Also major city bus terminal. Originally the site for the cremation of royalty. Has also been used as a race track and golf course. Now used for Royal ceremonies(May), Kite fighting(Feb-Apr),
Bus1,35,44,47,123,210, a/c 2,3,7,8,12,25,39,44,82, 91 more
S4 Wat Arun: (Temple of the dawn) 19th C Khmer style temple complex, across the river from Wat Pho, has impressive 81m high, decorated tower. Can climb up, 20B highly Rec 8:30-17:30
One of the most photographed sights in Bangkok.
Transport Buses #57,83 or express boat to The Tien pier (Wat Pho side),then boat across the river,1B.
Attention: You may see from outside.
Bus1,19,32,44,53,57,83 a/c 12, 82 then take a boat to cross the river.
S5 Lak Muang(City Pillar): NW from Grand Palace across the street or SW of Sanaam Luang. Open 24h Holds the City Pillar and horoscope, commissioned by Ram I, 1782. Thai dancing performed here. ask TAT
Bus1,35,44,47,123,210, a/c 2,3,7,8,12,25,39,44,82, 91 more
S6 Wat Maharthat: Na Phrathat Red.W side of Sanaam Luang 9:00-17:00 Meditation center, houses a Sitting Buddha. To experience meditation, visit section 5.
Bus 53,59,70,80,201,203 a/c 9, and more
S7 National Museum: N from Thammasat Univ.
This complex dates from 1782. W-Su 9:00-16:00
40B, Combined ticket for National Museum, Nat. Mus. of Royal Barges, National Gallery, Royal Elephant Nat. Mus, 80B
Royal Collection of Thai artifacts - good introduction to Thai culture
Free tour in - English/French on W,Th 9:30, Japanese on W, German on Th. All start at 9:30. Very knowledgeable staff
Call 2241333 for info.
Bus 3,15,30,31,32,33,39,53,59,64,70,81,203, a/c 6, 39, 47 more
S8 Music Art Center: Near the Phan Fa Bridge, Bangkok Bank Bldg Every Friday free performance is held. T282-2396 for more details
Bus 2,5,10,12,15,47,56,70,201, a/c 2,3,9,11,12,39,79
S9 National Theater: Next to National Museum.
Drama performances held on the last Friday of the month at 17:30, call 221-0173 for info.
Bus 3,9,64,65, a/c 39, 59
S10 National Art Gallery: Chao Fa Red.opp from National Theathre traditional & contemporary art exhibits 10 Tu-Su 9-16 80B
Bus 30,203, a/c 7, 11

Golden Mount(Wat Sa Ket): 80m high man-made hill, site of Golden Chedi. Great view from the top
Golden Chedi: On top of Golden Mount. Built by Ram IV. 5B donation 7:30-17:30

Bus 8, 15, 37, 47

S12 Wat Suthat: Bamrung Muang Red. Site of Sao Ching Cha. free 9:00-17:00 Bus #35,42,96
There is a beautiful temple in the center of the compound housing the big Buddha. Paintings cover the all of the walls and columns inside. Also many Buddha images are siting in the corridor which is surrounding the main temple. The famous big swing is in front of the Wat.
Bus 10, 12,35,42,56 a/c 8,42

S15 Wat Traimit (Temple of Golden Buddha)
Entrances on Yaowarat Red & Traimit Red.
20B 9:00-17:00 Houses 700 year old Golden Buddha -3m high, 5.5 tons, of solid gold.
Bus 4, 7, 25, 40, 73 a/c 1, 7, 73

S Royal Barge Museum: Arun Amarin Red. On display are restored Royal barges. 80B 8:30-16:30 The highlight of the collection is the ornate Sri Supannahong barge, built between 1782-1809.
Bus 83
S Vimarnmek Mansion palace: U Thong Nai Red. Royal mansion made with Teakwood made by Rama V on 1901 and it was his residence for 5 years. It houses many his art collection from all over the world. 50B, St.20B (Free with the Royal temple ticket.) 9:30-15:15
Thai traditional dance is performed daily - at 10:30, 14:00 Interior can be viewed only by tour. no shorts or sleeveless shirts
Transport Bus #70 from KhaoSan Red.
Bus 18, 27,70 a/c 10
S Duzit Zoo: Rachawithi Red. 30B 8-18:00
Bus 70, 5, 18, 28, 108, a/c 10
S Snake Farm Queen Saovabha Inst. Ram IV+Henr Dunant 70B Tu-Su 10-17:00 Milking shows at Tu-Su 10:30, Tu-F14:00 Produces serum from snake venom. Visitors can watch the snake-milking process and stroke the snakes.
Bus 2, 4, 46, 93, 109, a/c4, 15, 25
S Jim Thompson's House 6 Soi Kasem San2.M-Sa9-16:30 100B Under25 50B - must show passport Tours in English/ French/ Japanese. Traditional Northern Thai style house, put together from various pieces of houses, some over 200 years old.
Collection of Thai art and antiques. Attractive gardens.
Bus #15
S Kamthieng House: 131 Soi Asoke, Sukhumvit Red. 25B? Tu-Sa9-12,13-17:00 Another Northern Thai house, dating from mid 19th C. Home of Siam Society and ethnological museum.Displays on 19th C Thai life.
Bus #2 or a/c#11
S Erawan Shrine: E of Siam Sq. Many people come here to make wishes. There are hundreds of miniature elephants left by grateful/hopeful visitors who also finance traditional dance performances.
Bus #15 or #47
S Weekend Market Chatuchak Park. About 9,000 stalls. Excellent place for photographs and of course shopping. Vast array of handicrafts, t-shirts, clothing, textiles, food, animals. etc.etc.Sa Su 7:00-18:00 Bank is open to cash your T/C, but too many people are waiting. Rec
Buses #59 #39, 3,8,44,77,122,134,136,138,145 a/c#39 #59, 12,44,134

Floating Market at Taling Chan: Weekend market in Taling Chan. 9-16:00 Damnoen Saduk may be better.
Bus 79, 83
Damnoen Saduak 109km from Bangkok.
Main sections are along Hia Kui and Thom Khan Khlongs. Either walk along canals or hire a boat(50B) 8:00-11:00
Bus #78 from S bus terminal, 15B, 1hr.
Muang Boran: 25km SE from Bangkok. 50B 8:30-17:00
Open-Air museum of Ancient Miniature Thailand.
Model replicas of many of Thailand's main historical, architectural sights.
Buses #25, A/C #8,11 to Samut Prakarn, songthaew.
Nonthaburi 20km N of Bangkok. A pleasant boat trip from Bangkok.
Provincial capital, site of Wat Chalerm.
Transport Express Ferry to Nonthaburi - last stop, 45mins, B?

Thai Boxing
Entrance fee: Ring side 2000B, 1st class 1500B, 2nd class 1000B Camera is OK but no video allowed.
tb Ratchadamnoen Stadium: Ratchamnoen Nok Ave. You can walk from Khaosan. T2814205 MWThSu16-19:30, 20:30-24:00
Access: From Khaosan: Bus #70, #201, a/c #3,#9(6B)
tb Lumphini: Rama IV , T2514303 TuFSa16-19:30, 20:30-24:00
Access: Bus 4, 13,22,45,47,74,109,115,116,141,149, a/c 7, 141
From Khaosan R Bus #47, a/c #47(10B)

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