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Khaosan/Temple Area
Food in the Khaosan area is rather standard, prepared for the Western palette. Most restaurants serve a Thai/traveler menu, many show videos.
r1 Taketei: 1F of Nana Plaza Inn, off Kaosan Rd to S. T629-0173, New Japanese Restaurant
r2 Israel Restaurant: Off from S from Gas station of Chakkraphong Rd.Cheap 40B Large quantity.
There are two Israel restaurants. You will see which is better.
r3 Local Pizza Restaurant: just next to Israel restaurant, Good pizza Rec
r4 Traveler's Loge: off Chakkraphone Rd, N from the police office or just S from the gas station. 9-22:00 Japanese/Thai. Excellent cheap Japanese food. Full of Japanese but try here. Food is excellent. delicious mango shake 20B, croquette set meal Highly Rec
r5 Pannee GH: 150 Rambutri Chanasongkarm
Thai & Sea food Social place, dining out atmosphere Higher standard than most.
r6 Au-Thong: 79 Rambutri Rd. Thai & Sea food Relatively cheap and good food Rec
h23 Sakura Restaurant: almost opp from Viengtai Hotel, just n from Khanosan Rd. 3F, next to Sakura GH Japanese food 40B+, set 80B. Very cheap and good Japanese food in this area. Rec
r7 10 Bath noodle shop: on a small alley entering from Tanee Rd to N. From the police station go N and turn right at the first corner and turn left at the first alley. 10B good noodle. Excellent value. Go early, may be until 14:00.
r8 Rice soup:Tanee Rd. E end. opp from Pizza Hat Very delicious Rec
r9 Local Bakery: on Tanao Rd. W side. Go E on Kaosan Rd. and turn left go N 100m. Incredible bakery which is always surrounded by customers and fighting to get their bread. 30B/each There are several kinds but I recommend Raisin bread Rec
r10 Musashi: Samsen Rd. Walk N from the police W of the Khaosan Rd and cross the bridge. left side. Bar and Japanese food. Excellent quality with low price. Highly Rec
r11 Local Seafood Restaurant: Samsen Rd. opp from Musashi Many fresh fish are displayed in front of the restaurant. Very popular in the evening. Rec

Phra Athit Rd.
There are many trendy restaurants for middle class Thais. Good food & atmosphere but there isn't always an English menu, when there is, it is often in-accurate.
r12 Coffee & More(Ban PhaArtthit?): 102/1 Phra Artthit Rd. Su-Th10-22:00, FSa10-24:00 Coffee shop with cake High class coffee shop situated in a classical house. coke 25B, tea 30B, hot coffee 50B+ cake 60B+ meal 60B+ Rec
r13 Puri Mataba: At the N. end of Phra Artthit, Indian,
Very cheap very delicious. 7:00-19:00

h28 New Siam GH: 21 Soi Chana Songkhram W from the temple toward the boat pier. 50B breakfast is still impressive. I think the value is still high.
r15 Viengtai Hotel: 42 Tanee Rd, Banglamphu, one street N from Kaosan Rd. breakfast buffet 150B, 6:30-9:30, Lunch buffet 180B TuWF11:30-14:00 Wide selection Comfortable a/c environment. sometime live music. You can enjoy this and just order a coffee. Rec
r16 New World Lodge: N from former New World Dept, after crossing a small bridge, turn right to cannel side path. Breakfast buffet 120B, 7-10:30, lunch 11-15:00 140B, Simple breakfast dishes but it has good coffee and CNN. Rec
r17 Royal Hotel: N E from the Sanaam Luang S from Kaosan Rd. breakfast buffet 150B, 6:30-9:00, The quality is much better than Viengtai Hotel. But it is a bit too far to walk in the morning. If you arrive Kaosan Rd by night bus. It is a good place to kill your time until your room will be ready. Rec

Many street stalls can be found throughout Bangkok. noodle 15-20B The quality of street food near Khaosan road is now very low, specially in Tanee Rd. Please report to us if you find a good one.
r20 fruit shake stalls: Rambittri Rd + Chakkaraphong Rd. 10B but the quality is not as good as one below.
r21 fruit shake stall: Chakkraphong Rd. + Rambuttri Rd
1 street N from Khaosan fruit shakes
15-25B Selections are limited but the quantity is large. But the prices have been increased
r22 fruit shake stall2: soi Post office, From Bargar King, Walk S and turn left. There are two stalls. The cheapest and wide selections

r25 Brownie: From E end of Khaosan Rd, Walk S and cross the big road. Continue walk 50m Left side. Small cafe. Ice coffee(percolated with cold water) 20B cakes 35B/p Rec
r26 Pornsawan: #80, Samsen Rd. Walk N from the Police station in Khaosan area and cross the bridge. It is in the 2nd block on the right side. Vegetarian 30B+ 7-20:00 Small vegetarian restaurant serving Tofu dish as well.
r27 Hanaya: 683 Siphraya Rd. 02-233-3080, 11:30-14, 17:30-22:00, Japanese. From Khaosan, take the speed boat to the Siraya Pier. Then go out to the large street which is Siphraya Rd. Take soi 39. It is on the left side. One of the oldest Japanese restaurant Excellent value for the Lunch special 110B. Highly Rec

All You Can Eat
r30 Narai Hotel Silom Rd. Thai, Japanese lunch buffet. Excellent Buffet 11:30-14:00 340B 18:00-21:00 380B, beer 90B Highly Rec
r30 Laksmi Thai Suki: Silom Rd. Narai Hotel 2F T02-237-0100
Thai suki buffet 229B dinner 15:30-22:00 239B including soft drink, fruit, ice cream, etc. Highly Rec
r32 Daidoumon: Japanese style BBQ 119B, all you can drink Coke 99B, beer 99B 4 locations in BBK Siam Sq soi3, Centre Pinklao(E from Kaosan), etc.
r33 Pizza Hut: 4 kinds pizza, 79B, refill free pepsi 35B many places in BKK. M-F11-14:00(Fortune Town, Silom Complex, Airport Center, Center Pinklao, Siam SQ, ), M-F16-18:30(Center Rama 2, Victoria Monument Big C) They often stop buffet deal. Keep checking
r34 CoCA Exp: Siam Centre 4F T658-1105 many different food. Lunch 157B, Dinner 188B
r35 local moukata restaurant: Boromratchaonnani Rd. 200 m South(toward Khaosan Rd.) from Pinklao Shopping Center. 18-22:00? Korean BBQ 79B/p Open air Korean BBQ buffet including dessert. Access: Take a bus, #30, 3 from Khaosan 7eleven near the police office and get off one bus stop before Pinklao SC or walk back from Pinklao SC. Highly Rec

China Town
r40 Lek & Ruta:Yaowarat + Thanon Phadungdao Rd(Street of Famous Thai suki restaurant TEXAS).
Chinese a bit higher(200-300/p) Excellent Chinese restaurant. Try fresh oyster 30B/p, krab fried rice, fried squid with curry Highly Rec
r41 Noodle shop: rather E part of Charoenkrung Rd. N side. a stall 20m E from a Chinese temple. 20B Serving huge portion of needle soup with huge portion of roasted pork. If you are in the China town, you must visit this stall. Full of locals and you will never miss this place when you walk on Charoenkrung Rd. Access: take a bus #53 from Khaosan Rd. from Phra Atit Rd.Rec

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