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Banglamphu,the area around Khaosan Rd, is not the only area for back-packers accommodation however we have only researched this area. In the future we will also supply info on accommodation elsewhere.
Check out time is around 11-12:00. If you arrive early in the morning, you may have to wait around until check out time and some of the more popular places.

Banglamphu - KHAOSAN AREA South
The backpacker center, full of cheap guest houses. The Khaosan Rd. is a very noisy street crammed with guest houses restaurants, travel agents, street sellers and tuk tuks, the street is always busy 24hrs.
Most of the Guest houses listed below are not located on the Khaosan Rd. Trok Mayom Chakrapong a small alley S from Khaosan running parallel to Khaosan Rd. The ones on this street are usually quieter.
h1 Lucky House: 35 Chakrapong Rd.(just S from tourist police and just off from the entrance of the alley of many guest houses listening below) T02-629-2985,, a/c STV s350, d390-450B C4 excellent budget guest house. Clean and comfortable size. Some has windows some does not so try to ask ones with windows. STV includes BBS, movie, etc Highly Rec.
h2 Ranee's GH: 77 Trok Mayom,Chakrapong Rd. T02-282-4072
f sb s120, d200 C2 R Very popular, always full. Cheap option. Popular restaurant in pleasant courtyard.
h3 New Joe House: 81 Trokmayom Chakrapongse Rd T2812948 F02-281-5547, f ab d300, HW d350, a/c CW d400 HW d450, C4? R(TV CNN Video) la(30B/kg) Pleasant garden restaurant, but mosquito problem. Rooms are large and clean, reported recently renovated.
h4 Kawin Place: 86 Khaosan Rd T02-281-7511,, f ab s200(HS250) d280(350), a/c sb s280(350) d360(450), a/c ab d440(550) C4 OK
h5 Nat 2: E from New Joe GH.T2820211, f sb s120 d180, ab s150 d220-240B C3 R(8-21:00 moderate) Nice moderate size rooms. Luggage storage 5B/day Rec (2001 info)
h6 Nana Plaza: #202 Khaosan Rd T02-280-5663,, f ab HW CTV fr s350 d550 C4 good facility
h7 7 Holder: 216/2-3 Khaosan Rd. further E from Nat 2. T06-2813682, f sb no window d230, window d250, a/c sb d300, ab d350B or self) @ good size of rooms friendly owner. Nice bathrooms. But rooms are dark. Rec

Banglamphu - KHAOSAN AREA East(behind Barger King)
At the E end of the Khaosan rd, T-intersection, there is Bargar King. Walk S from it and turn left(East)to a small street. Soi Post Office Rajamnain
h11 First GH: After entering the small street, at the first corner on the left. T01-205-7635, a/c ab HW d400B C3
h12 Donna GH: left side, #75 Ratchadamneon, T02-281-9374, f sb d200-250, ab a/c d350B C4.
h13 Sweety GH: #49 Ratchadamneon, opp from the post office. T02-280-2191,, f sb s120-140 d180-200, ab d250-300, a/c ab d350-400B C2-3 R.
h14 Nat 2: left side, 91-95 soi Post office Rajamnain, T02-629-4324, f sb s130 d200, ab s200 d260, a/c d4-500B C3. The fun rooms have good value.
h15 At Home: #117 Tanao Rd.,At the corner of First GH, turn N On the right side. T02-629-1952,, f sb HW s250 d300, ab HW s320 d380B C5 Very beautiful place. Highly Rec
h16 Live Good Guesthouse: After AT home turn right to another small alley, T02-282-5092, f sb s150 d200 C2 small rooms
h17 Central GH: next to Live Good, f sb s80 d120 C4, Huge rooms very quiet, friendly owner. Basic but good value luggage storage 5B/day
h18 PC: opp from Central, f sb d100 C1, Probably the cheapest GH in Khaosan area.

Banglamphu - KHAOSAN AREA Middle
N from Khaosan Rd. Between Khaosan and Tanee Rd.,
Almost E end of the Khaosan rd, enter a small alley N.
h20 Shambara Boutique Hostel: 138 Khao San Road, T02-282-7968,, f s280 d450 a/c s350+ d560B C4
h21 Pro GH: at the same court yard with A.T. GH. f sb s120 d200B C3, R(11-24:00 Japanese food) small rooms but cheap. Friendly staff.

Banglamphu - KHAOSAN AREA North Tanee Rd
a small street N from Khaosan Rd running parallel to Khaosan Rd.
h22 Orchard GH: Tanee Rd. T2802691, f ab s380 d480, a/c d550B C3 R(7-21:00 Expensive) Large rooms with very clean bath rooms. Nice restaurant.
h23 Sakura House: Tanee Rd, opp from Viengthai Hotel, a/c sb dr160B d320B CTV(E/J/F etc) HW C3 free washing machine. Mainly Japanese GH. and an expensive dormitory style GH but they have good facilities and good atmosphere for travelers. Rec.

W from the Khaosan Area, there was a quiet area around a temple. Finally noisy-24-hour Khaosan environment invaded to this area and the temple has been surrounded by GHs. It used to be able to walk through the temple until late night but the gate is closed after sunset and you have to go around the temple to get this area at night.
h24 Chia's House: just S from the temple. Turn S at Ban Sabai. T2814902, f sb s150 d250 t350, a/c sb d350 C3 la(40B/kg or self) small but cozy GH. The managers are very mean.
h25 Sukpasath Hotel: 58 Choafa Rd. T2816862 a/c ab d400 towel STV in room C4 Old fashion Thai motel with nice furniture. 1 is for local short stay and 2, 3F is for travelers. Excellent value for the quality. Double bed rooms and twin bed rooms are same price, but hard to get one with twin beds. Highly Rec
h26 Welcome Sawadee Inn: on the one of the small streets, s from the temple.a/c dr90, f s120 d260, TV d280, a/c s280 d300+,more types R C4 New GH rooms are clean but small. No value. Sawadee Smile Inn
h27 Baan Sabai: 12 soi Rong Mai. T02-6291599,, a/c f sb s170 d270, window d300, a/c ab 450, HW 500B C4 R(8-26:00, moderate) A new GH S from the temple. Comfortable GH. Rec
h28 New Siam II: walk from the SW corner of the temple to a small alley, f ab d650, a/c d750 C5 sw
h29 Four Season Villge: #54/1 Trok Chanasongkhram, S from Bela Bela, T02-629-5390,, a/c ab HW CTV d455(HS550), balcony d540(600) C5 new middle class hotel group. There are 3 in Khaosan area. This is the cheapest among the group.
h30 Bela Bela: Soi Chana Songkhram, T02-6293090, sb CW f s200 d270, ab CW s250 d350, HW d420, a/c d520 C3 R The single rooms are small.
h31 Merry V GH: just W of the temple.T02-2829267, f s130, d220 t270, ab HW s250 d400 t450B C3 R Basic, popular, cheap restaurant. no TV.
h32 My House: 37 Soi Chana Songkhram T02-282-9263
f sb s150 d230, ab s190 d330, a/c ab 500 C4 R(7-23:00 moderate) low season 20% discount. Excellent value rooms, very popular, lounge/restaurant with comfy"napping facility", videos. Rec
h33 Banglumphoo GH: soi Rambuttri, sb f s150 C2, small rooms.New GH
h34 Lamphu House: #75-77 soi Rambuttri, T02-6295861,, f sb s170-200,d300, t320, a/c d350, ab f d420, a/c d540-600 t690B HW C5 New hotel with nice court yard with trees. Rooms without balconies are too small not good value. but the rooms more than 540B have nice balconies over looking the quiet relaxing court yard. Very popular and very hard to get a room. You can book a room only with the first night payment. Highly Rec
h35 Rambuttri Village: #95 soi Rambuttri, T02-2829162, f ab HW s290 d480 t500, a/c s400 d700 t900B sw C5 Good size. New hotel Rec

Phra Athit Rd.
h36 New Merry V GH: 18-20 Phra Athit Rd. T02-2803315
sb f s130 d200, ab d290, HW d330, a/c ab CW d400, HW d520-560, CTV d550-590B C4 R Many rooms have been up-graded. check your room first (some complaints about urine smell in some ab rooms. Avoid the rooms overlooking the main road because of the noise, therefore . Good cheap food, NOT very friendly staff. Rec
h37 Peachy GH: Pra Athit S from New Merry V. T02-281-6471, f sb s120 d160 a/c sb d200, ab HW d400B C3 Old but large rooms Rec
h38 New Siam GH: 21 Soi Chana Songkhram, off from Pra Athit Rd. leading to the temple, TF02-282-4554,, f sb s240(HS290) d3295(490), ab d650, a/c ab HW 550(650) C4 R TV CNN @ la(35B/kg or self) Long-running. Popular with older travelers. Excellent value breakfast. off season 10-20% discount

N W from Khaosan Rd.
h40 PS GH: 9 Phra Sumen Rd, Banglamphu T02-282-3932, f sb no window s140 d210B, window d170 d240B C3 R hotwater(for tea/coffee) CTV in lounge, There is a very comfortable lounge with STV and also there is a cool terrace facing the river and one on the roof. The problem is the rooms with windows are very noisy from the gas station. They supply the HW for the coffee. Staff are extremely friendly. Highly Rec
h42 R.S. GH: further down from, f sb s120 d200, a/c 250 C3 Thai house
h43 Apple GH: further down from RC, f sb dr 100, s170 d220B a/c d400B C3 R Old Thai house.
h44 Thai Green GH: 9/2 Trok Kai Chae Phrasumaenrn, at the S end of a soi just S from the PS GH. T02-281-6910, f sb s80 d120, ab d140B, C2-3 la(25B/kg) Small quiet but dark GH. After 22:00, the gate is closed. Ring a bell to open the gate. One of the cheapest..Rec

N from the bridge on Samsen
From the W of Khaosan road, walk N and cross a bridge.
h45 New World: #2 Samsen Rd. N from Bridge and turn riight to an alley next to the canal. T02-281-5596, a/c ab HW CTV fr 1300-1500 bf C5 Good hotel. If you want to stay here, ask MP Tour in Bayon bulding on Khaosan can get the discount rate, d900B
h46 Villa GH: #230 Thanon Samsen soi 1(n from the bridge and turn left to the first street, not the canel side). T02-281-7009, sb s250 d300B C3 K rooms are large. Antique Thai house.

N from the Pra Athit Park
NW from the Khaosan rd, there is a park called Athit next to the Chao Phraya river. From the Park, cross a small bridge.
h47 Twin: From the Pra Athit park, go N crossing a small bridge and turn left. T02-2815757 f sb s100 d200B C4 R(7-10:00 cheap bf only) la(30B/kg) Non smoking policy rooms are small but have windows. Very clean friendly staff, but the rooms are small.
h48 Three's O GH: 20/5 Samsen soi 1, T02-281-8888, f sb s120, d200B R(large comfortable) C3 Good security. Common large space
h49 Jungle News/Blue GH: 18 Watsungwet soi Lamphoon Rd., T282-3250, next to Three's O GH. , a/c dr100, f s120 d180-250, ab d320 C4 Korean owner. Go to Jungle first. Rec
h50 Bamboo: from the Twin, continue to N. T2823412, f sb s150, d220B C3 la(30B/kg or self) R(7-12:00 cheap) large rooms very clean Highly Rec
h51 The River Line GH: 59/1 si Samsen 1,Walk toward the river from Bamboo GH and turn right. T02-2827464,, f sb s150, ab s200-230 d240-320B, a/c HW d330-400 C4 large common area good security Highly Rec.
h52 Home Garden: From the River Line, walk N and turn right. ab s120 d140 C4
h53 The River Line GH 2: just E from Home Garden, sb s130 d180 C4 nice garden

S from the Ratchadamnern Ave.
Between Democracy Monument and Sanam Luang
h54 Smile GH: 151-161 Trok Sa-ke, Tanao Rd. T622-1590 F622-0730
f ab s250d300, a/c s/d350 C2 Rundown
h55 Palace Hotel: 149 Trok Sa-ke, Tanao Rd. T02-224-1875 a/c s/d350 HW C4(with loca TV 380B) large clean room. Good value with HW Rec
h56 90 Hotel(Rajdamnoen hotel): 90 Behind 4 bldg., Rajdamnoenkrang Rd. From D.monument walk W and first alley turn left f ab d250, a/c d340 C4

OTHER (Old Info)
h K.S. House: 133 Phre Somen Rd. T6291763, F6291764
f ab d290, a/c d390 R C5 Beautiful setting with river view. Rooms are very nice. Excellent roof top terrace with river view. Free safe deposit, free luggage deposit.Only problem is NO hot water.

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