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Bangkok is the biggest center for backpackers in Asia. Due to its location, facilities & the fact that it is the main transport hub in Asia,with a wide range of cheap flight and overland options, many travelers return again & again.
Bangkok has a diverse mix of attractions - temples, museums and historic buildings, atmospheric local markets, delicious food and an exciting night life. One of the highlights is a boat trip through the city along the river or Bangkok's many canals. On route you will have a fascinating glimpse of daily Bangkok life.

Bangkok however has several negative points, it has a major traffic problem, it is so bad that it can take you hours to get across the city. Traffic also contributes to Bangkok's other major problem - pollution. Many street workers such as traffic police wear gas masks. Recently new train system, BTS(Bangkok Transit System) Sky train and many new highways are constructed. However none of those actually could have solved the traffic problems.

Photo: Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho

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