Area Code 02 $1=38B June 30, 2006

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All Embassy locations are printed on the official BKK map.
!Attention the 30B-bus map is old, confirm Embassy location before you go there. Phone: dial the number with the area code(02+number)
E1 USA: 95 Witthayu Rd.T02-305-8333, 7:30-10:00
Bus # 13,17,62,106
E1c Canada: 11 & 12th F Boonmitr Bldg. 138 Silom Rd.
T02-636-0540, 7:30-11:00
E44 UK: 1031 Ploenchit Rd.T02-205-4000, 8:00-11:00
Bus # 13,17,62,106
E61 Australia: 37 Sathon Tai Rd.T02-287-3970 8:15-12:15
E64 New Zealand: 93 WitthayuRd.T02-254-2530, 8:30-11:30
Bus # 13,17,62,106
E33 France: 35 Soi 36 Charoen Krung,T02-266-8250, 8:30-12:00
E49 Germany: 9 Sathon Thai Rd.T02-287-9000,18:30-11:30
E36 Hungary: T02-661-1150
E81 Japan: #177 Witthaya Rd.N from MRT LumpiniT02-252-6151-9 ,  8:30-12:00
E82 Korea: T02-247-7537

Visa by agent: add 150-200B extra
E856 Laos: 502 Soi Rambkhamhaeng Rd.39 T02-539-6667
9:00-12:00,13:00-16:00 Very far from center. Location on 35B-bus map is wrong.
 See TAT map.
Access: Bus #60, 171, a/c 512 from Democracy Monument to Ramkhammaen, Soi 39.(70 min 7B a/c 22B?)
Then Taxi(45B)/Bike taxi(30B)/songthaw 6B from a small market, just N from the street. Get off after Esso Gas station(I think it is the last stop.) Or walking 30-40min you walk along Soi 39 and pass under a highway-bridge, and finally get to Esso Gas station, there next corner turn right and you can see the building with Lao flag.
Also you can take a boat from E of Democracy monument, then chage to another boat from World Center to Soi Rambkhamhaeng Rd.39.
Visa on arrival: 15 day visa at Wattai Airport- Vientiane, Luang Prabang airport(reported), and at bridge border crossing near Nong Khai. $31
at Embassy
1 M Visa
USA1150B, Japanese-1200B, British/Australian/New Zealanders-1050B, Canada 1350B, issued after 2 working days.
Same day service(apply morning receive afternoon)
300B extra The Lao Embassy is quite far and not on a bus route -If you go by yourself you need 30B/OW and 2hrs/OW. If you go twice you need about 120B 9 hrs. We recommend you use an agent.
Visa by travel agent: 1 M visa ?B

Whole list for 1 month visa
Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Czech, Hungary India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Malaysia, Nepal Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Yugoslavia,
650B: China North Korea, South Korea, 750B: Myanmar,
800B: Cuba, 930B: Vietnam,
1050B: , Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, UK
1100B: Denmark, Finland, Norway Sweden
E855 Cambodia:578/4 Pra Chauthit(soi 39 Ramkamhaeng + soi Union) T02-957-5851 M-F8:00-11:00 $20 Access: See the way to go to Laos embassy. Since it is very far from Khaosan, you may take a visa on the border.
Visa: 1000B or $20, 1 photo, the copy of the page, the photo and the number, of the passport., issued the following working day.
Visa on arrival: You can obtain Visa at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap Airports, Koh Khone, Poipet, Moc Bai for $20 and 1 photo.
Visa by travel agents:
same day 950B
E86 China: 57 Ratchadaphisek Rd T02-245-7043, 9-12:00
1 month Visa: same day 2650B, 1 day 2250B, 3day 1500B
E95 Myanmar: 135 Sathon Nua Rd. S from Silom Rd. T02-234-0278
8:30-12:00 14:00-16:30
Visa 4 weeks: 810B, 2 photos, You can receive it on the day after tomorrow. Next day service +225B, Same day service +430B
Bus #15 from 7/11 bus stop and get off on Silom when you see Narai Hotel on the right. Walk W(forward) and turn left at an Indian temple. Walk to the end of the street. Left side.
E84 Vietnam: 83/1 Witthayu Rd. T02-251-7202, 8:30-11:30, 13:30-16:00 Visa 30 days: 1600B, 3 days 2 photos.
E91 India: 46 Soi Prasanmit, Sukhumvit 23, T02-258-0300, 0 9:00-12:00 little far from the Sukhumvit. Bike taxi 5B
6-M Multi entry for most national 2,100B, USA 3100B, Japan 760B 2 photos, issued in 5 working days.
E62 Indonesia: #600-602 Petchbori, T02-252-3135, 2M visa 1600B, 3 days photo ?, Bus: N #2, a/c #511
E880 Bangladesh: Soi Thonglor #55, Sukhumvit, T02-392-9437 8:30-12:30, 2M? Visa, USA-$100, UK-2720B, AZ-1300B, NZ-1800B, Korea-1200B, Japanese Free, need 2 days, 3 photos, 24hr service 50% extra, Bus: #2, a/c #511, walk N from BTA Thonglor st. on Sukhumvit or take a boat on Khlong Sanap canal and get off near Camlian Hospital.
E92 Pakistan: #31 Soi 3(Nananua), Sukhumvit, T02-253-0288 Apply 9:00-11:00, recieve 13-14:00 Bus: a/c #511

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