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i0 TAT main office: Phetchaburi + Asok T1672 8:30-16:30 New office. take #60 and get off just before Asok.
i1 TAT at Airport: New Suvarnabhumi Airport arrival hall. Maps available.
i2 at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Kampaeng Phet Rd. (Weekends only)good free map of Bangkok with bus routes, simple map of the market.
i4 kiosk Kaosan Rd area: at the police station. Chakraphong Rd. Banglamphu E end of Kaosan Rd. 24 hrs. Very helpful.
i5 Bangkok Information TAT: Just under the Phra Pinklao Bridge, E side of the river, N from Tammasat University.9-19:00
New A/C office. A lot of info for BKK, but limited info for other cities. walking distance from Kaosan area.
useful publications
The official TAT map: Free, Bangkok city and Thailand map. available at many TAT office. Lists bus routes.Rec
Bus map: 50B available everywhere in Bangkok. Now it has been updated and includes BTS info.
Metro: Monthly Magazine aimed at the long term Foreign community in Bangkok.Movie/restaurant listings, Bangkok essential info, email services, etc.

AE American Express: Sea Tour, 8F Payatai Plaza, 128 Phayathai Rd., N from Phetchburi Rd. T2165783-93, F2165757 Client Mail service, No exchange. You can buy T/C against your AE card. Bus #59 and more
AE2 American Express T/C Refund: S.P. Bldg.(IBM Bldg.) 388 Phahon Yothin Rd. T02-273-5544, M-F9-17:00, You can change Amex TC without paying commission fee. The rate is official.Cash/TC good rate Bus #59 from Khaosan.
$ Banks / Exchange /ATM: Many. Standard rates and commission. T/C charge 33B per check.
P0 Tourist Police: Phetchaburi, 8:30-16:30 New office. take #60 and get off just before Asok.
P1 Khaosan area: W end of the Khaosan Rd. T2818786
It has also tourist police station.
I Immigration: Soi Suanphlu, S.Sathon Rd. Sathon Dist.T287-3101 Open M-F8:30-12,13-16:30 Sa 8:30-12:00
Visa Extension
1900B for 10 days only if your visa is 1 month. 1 M extention if 2 M visa
1 photo +photocopy of Passport page with date and entry stamp. Inconvenient location.
boat from Kaosan to Sathon then bus # 17 to Soi Suanphul(After you see Singapore Embassy on the right and get off) then walk S for 10 min or take a red sougthiaw(3B)/bus running on the road. 1900B is too expensive. The cheapest border is Maesai-Tachilek(about 800B for one way bus ride and $5 to enter Myanmar). The easiest border is Arranyaprathet(bus 4hrs one way 140-180B) - Poipet(Cambodia visa $20)

Tourist office has a list. Hospitals for foreigners are usually listed in tourist pamphlets.
H1 Bangkok General Hospital: 2 Soi Soon Vichai Petchburi Rd. T310-3257, English, Japanese, Bus #60 a/c#512
H2 Bamurungrad Hospital: Sukhumvit Rd. soi 3 T667-1000
English, Japanese
Bus a/c#512
H3 Piyavate Hospital: 998 Rama IX Rd. T246-9250 English, Japanese
H4 Samitivei General Hospital: 133 Sathon Tai Rd. T381-6807 English, Japanese
H5 Dentist: Khaosan Rd. next to Om Restaurant
H6 Dentist: Sukhumvit Rd. between Soi 24 &26
T258-6268 M-F7:00-19:00, Sa 7:00-17:00 (Not checked)

For costs see General info page.Around Kaosan Rd, many shops offer 20B/min phone, not internet phone which is now very unpopular because of the low quality.
M0 Post Office GPO / Telephone Office:: Charoen krung Rd,opp Ramada Inn M-F 8-20,SaSu 8-13 Package service, poste restante transport: boat 13B
M2 Post & Telephone Office: Tani Rd., From E end of Khaosan Rd., walk N. W of the circle. poste restante
M3 Ratchadamnoen Post office: E from Khaosan Rd. on the road of NAT II GH. Newly renovated post office. M-F8-17, Sa8-12:00. Post restante and CAD Net is available.

Travel Agencies
Bangkok is one of the best place to buy international flight tickets. Many agents in Khaosan & China Town. Credit card, 3-5% extra charge
ta Charlie connection travel & tour: 44 Samsen Rd., Pranakorn Bangkok 10200 Thailand
ta Olivi Tour: Khaosan Rd. Banglampoo Bangkok Thailand 10200, E-mail:
ta Buddha View Drive Resort: Khaosan Rd. Banglampoo Bangkok Thailand 10200, Next to the disco and in the bldg where many travel agents are located.
This is a agent for the diving school in Koh Tao but also sells bus tickets and other travel services. For tourist buses, it is the cheapest place in town.
ta MP Tour: Khaosan Rd. Bayon Bldg., T02-6295002, 09-1057803 only)
ta HIS in BKK: T229-4708
ta Just Service: T661-7787
ta A'Cross Travel: #601 6F TDI bldg. #42 Surwongse Rd. T234-1381

Suvarnabhumi Airport: E from the center, 1 hr by bus.
Food: very expensive. No fast food at the terminal. Burger King is located after immigration but the prices are not fast food. Only afordable one is the food court for workers is on the ground floor. No 7 Eleven. Very few space to kill time.
@: wi-fi accessible(only http, no mail) @ cafe
100B for 20 mins departure level, right end as you enter.

Access to the city:
taxi from the airport
: To Khaosan 200B + 65B(highway charge)+ 50B airport charge. To avoid this, try to take one coming to the airport at the departure level
Airport bus AE1 - AE4
150B leave from the terminal 5:30-24:00
Local buses: number #55x
35B leave from the airport bus station. Take a free shuttle from the terminal. They are supposed to be 24 hours but day time there are many but after 20:00 very limitied number.

To Khaosan Area: AE2(By public bus only, take #551 to Victory Monument 34B, then take #59, 201, 509 ,etc)
To Northern bus station(Motchit Mai): a minivan.
To Southern bus terminal(Sai Tai Mai): no bus
To Eastern bus station(Ekka Mai): AE3
or #552(35B) to On Nut BTS station then by BTS to Ekka Mai station 15B or you can take any bus on the street.
To the train station: AE4
or #551 to Victory Monument 35B, then take #29 bus(ac 12B red 7B)
To Silom Rd: AE1
To Dongmuang Airport: #554

Long distance buses from the bus station. Take a free shuttle from the terminal.
106B dep 8, 11, 15, 19:00
Nong Khai:
454B dep 21:10
Rayong(near Koh Samet):
120-149B dep 8:10, 15-19:40
278B dep 15:10-19:40
250B dep 6:40, 10:10, 13:10, 16:10, 18:10
From Khaosan Rd.
Airpot Bus(AE2):
leaves from Sawadee Hotel, S from the police. 150B
Public bus: #556 from Ratchadamnoenklang Ave(BS4)
Private mini-bus:
many every hour from Khaosan Rd. Book at Travel agents 170B at night, 1 1/2 hours.

T1 Hualamphong Station: Rama IV Rd. near China town.
Schedule. see other page T223-7010
To Khaosan Rd take
Access: Bus #53 from Pra Athit(BS3), From the airport, take AE3
T2 Thon Buri Station: to Kanchanaburi & Nam Tok. W side of the river, just S from the Bridge closest to Khaosan Rd.
Access: Take S. bound express boat from pier (Tha Phra Athit) to the Thon Buri pier then take a songthaw to the station.

Bus Terminals
B1 Northern/Northeast/Central Bus station(Motchit Mai): Kamphaengphet 2 Rd. NW from Weekend market. Buses to North & Northeast. All 3 terminals have been moved to Kamphaengphet 2 Rd.
They are close each other, as one terminal.
Access: Bus #3 Pra Athit(BS3), From the airport take a minivan
B2 Eastern Bus station(Ekka Mai): Sukhumvit Rd. Bus to E: Trat, Pattaya, Ko Chiang, Access: from Khaosan area, Bus #2, #511 from Ratchadamnoenklang Ave (BS4), From the airport, take #552 to On Nut BTS station and take BTS or a bus for one section.
B3 Southern Bus station(Sai Tai Mai): Phra Pinklao Rd. & near Route338 Bus to S: Ko Samui, Kanchanaburi
Access: from Khaosan area, Bus #30, #3 from 7-11(BS1)& Bus #7, #511 from Ratchadamnoenklang Ave S side.
From the airport, take #556
B Private Bus: leaving from Khaosan Rd. To main tourist destinations. All travel agents and most guest houses sell tickets. Check around.

City Transport
City Bus Red bus 7B White bus 8B
A/C bus 10-20B? A/C bus 12-24B mini A/C 20B
At night slightly more.
useful routes see
Bangkok bus page.
F1 Express Boat: operates on the Chaophraya River from Nonthaburi to Wat Rajsingkorn, 6-18:30 only. For route see the bus map or official tourist maps. 6-14 B every 10-15 min, off peak 20 min. From Pra Athit to Thonburi 9B, to Oriental Hotel( near GPO) 13B
From Khaosan Rd, take one at Pra Athit Pier(Walk through the temple to W then walk N on a bus road(Pra Athit Rd), then turn left into a small alley)
F1 Ferry across river: 2-3B There are many crossing point on Chao Phraya River. From the Pier Pra Athit 3B
F2 Commuters's boats: From the bridge near Democracy monument to Pratunam market (World Center) 10B. And anther boat continue to further E. If you take the both route, buy a ticket to the destination.
Tuk-Tuk: After bargaining, cheaper than taxi. 30B+
the fastest but most dangerous method, bargain hard.
Taxi: Use metered Taxis. 35B up to 2km. 2B/100m. Often the drivers take longer routes. You have to be familiar with Bangkok road.}
Rental bike: not available.
BTS BTS Sky train: There are two lines Silom line(National museum to Saphan Taksin, W end of Silom) and Sukhumvit line(Sukhumvit to Mochit, Weekend market)10-40B. For travelers staying in Khaosan area,it is not useful at all.
MRT MRT: very new under ground transport. From Hua Lamphong train station to Motchit via Sukhumvit(Asok Rd) 
Single ticket:
12-31B. Select a destination at the vending machine, put money, the you can get a black coin. When you go through a gate, put the coin to a sensor. When you exit, the coin will be collected.
Stored card: prepaid
200B(150B value + deposit 50B)When you used all, you can store more money to the card. Using this card, you can get 20% discount fares.
One day card:
120B, 3 day card 200B

Bangkok is a shopping Mecca., with many shopping malls, markets, street stalls, Dept Stores, Mall shops usually charge fixed prices. At markets & street stalls, bargaining is usual. The Nancy Chandler Map of Bangkok is a good guide to shopping in Bangkok.
! Warning Beware of gem scams.
Browsing in Bangkok's markets is one of the cities highlights.
m1 Weekend Market: Great place to wander around.
Sells everything. Chatuchack Park, near N Bus Terminal open Sat. Sun.
Bus a/c # 3,9,13,29 59(13B) more ! Warning Be careful of pick-pockets.
m2 Khaousan Rd: Shops & stalls line the road, all selling standard traveler goods, ethnic clothing, jewelry
m3 China Town: just W from Hualanphong train station.Many Chinese good and various cheap goods. Very much fun to walk around. Bus #53
m4 Siam Sq.: Rama I +Phayathai Rd. Siam Centre & MBK mall with their many boutiques and restaurants are in this area.Bus #15, a/c #79(12B?)
m5 Paragon Shopping Center: Rama I between Siam Center & World Center. Very new shopping center with an aquarium(450B). Many high class good and food. Excellent design and excellent quality specially for excellent deli, bread. You must see at least once. Bus a/c #79(12B?) Highly Rec
m6 World Center: Zen/Sogodepartment Ploenchit Rd Bus a/c #511 and boat
Tailors: Bangkok is a popular place to have suits and outfits made. There are several tailors in Banglamphu.
Silk, jewelry, woven textiles, ethnic clothes, lacquerware, fake designer clothing and watches, music cassettes (copies).Souvenir shops are many clothing, handicraft stalls along Khaosan Road. Good places for cheap good are MBK in Siam SQ and weekend market
s Jim Thompson's Surawang Road, Silk products, high quality, expensive. A few brunches, such as Sogo department at World Center and the airport departure lounge(same price even though it if duty free)
s Photo: Many in the Khaosan area. Fuji film 36 90B Film development 30B,plus 3.50+B per print
Bookshops There are many stalls in the Khao San area selling/trading/renting 2nd hand books. Check around because prices vary. Bargaining possible.
Laundry: a few in Khaosan and many GH's have this service 25B+/kg Express service available. We recommend New Merry V GH and we DO NOT recommend stall at NW corner of the temple, W from Kaosan Rd.

e1 Traditional Thai Dance: Sala Rim Nam: Charoen Nakhon Rd, opp Oriental Hotel T4373080 20:30-21:30 6 dances, 850B incl boat from Oriental Hotel. Reputedly the best in Bangkok. Credit cards.
e2 Calypso Cabaret: Asia Hotel, N from Siam Discovery Center Gay cabaret 800B at the door, 450B(seats in the back but good enough for viewing) from travel agents in Khaosan area. It is fun even for
tb Thai Boxing Lumpini Stadium: Nr Lumpini Park, Rama lV Rd 2514303, Tu,F,Sa 18:00 160-1000B Bus #115
tb Thai Boxing Ratchadamnoen Stadium: Ratchdamnoen Nok Rd next to TAT, T2814205 M,W18,Th17,Su16:00 160-500B, Bus#70
sw Swimming pool: ?

Many in town. 80-140B Check The Nation or Bangkok Post newspaper for listings. Make sure your program is in original language or in Thai.
Before the movie everyone stands while the National anthem is played. Many restaurants in the Khao San area, specially W from the temple, show videos. If you buy a drink, you can watch.
c1 SF World Cinema: The Center World, M-W 120B(after 20:00 80B), Th-Su 140B
c2 Siam Squre Cinema: price ?B

Learning Thai Traditional Massage
ma Wat Pho: Sanamchai T225-4771, F225-4771 30hr course 9000B?
ma Hattawet: Behind Suan Chatuchak Weekend market 80hr course 12000B?
ma Thanom jai-ari: 39-41 Sab Sin Rd. Wang Burapha, behind BKK bank Samyot Branch T222-8373. 400B/2hrs

Massage Clinic
Many massage clinics around the town, specially in Kaosan area. You can have 30 min./1 hr or longer. I personally think 30min massage is no worth trying. Before you have the treatment, tell your masseur about your problem. The charge is 100-150B/hr.
ma Wat Pho: massage 1hr-200B?, 30min 150B Same place as the school. Training course 15 days 30hrs 6000B. You can take more than 2 hours for lesson to finish the course fast.
ma Chaidee: Viengtai Hotel 1F, 42 Tani Rd. T02-629-2174 One street N from Kaosan Rd.140B/hr.(120B/hr for early morning)
ma Local clinics: W from Sanam Luang, S from Thamasat univ.
3-4 clinics which all selling medicines as well.
80B-100B/hr. Most patients are Thais. Ask the availability at the ground level, pay money, get a card for your masseur and go upstairs. Don't forget to take off your shoes.

Thai Language School
sc1 Union: 11F CCT bldg. 109 Surawongse Rd. T233-4482
Group lesson: 4 weeks 80 hrs total 5100B, 5 days/week
Private lesson 200B/hr. The cheapest school, but you may have to wait for a few months. Contact to them advance. You can enter every month.
sc2 BIS Int'l Language School: 591/1 Sukhunvit soi 33. T2586921 Group lesson: 20 hrs 2800B. Probably 2nd cheapest school

Festivals 2007
Most of the holidays are based on Thai calendar. Many other events are held in Bangkok. Contact Tourist Office for details. Weenkends: Many events are held at Sanam Luang and fire works in the eveneng.
Feb18-21* Chinese New Year: Many Chinese businesses close. Many big events for tourists are held in BKK.
Mar-Apr Kite fighting: at Sannam Luang
Apr12-15 PH Songkran- Thai New Year: last for 3 days. Water throwing that goes on throughout the country is supposed to be banned in Bangkok, EXCEPT Khaosan area. This area is one of the craziest area in Thailand.
The Phra Buddha Sihing image is bathed at Sanam Luang, in front of the Grand Palace.
May Royal ploughing Ceremony: At Sannam Luang. Celebration of official start of rice planting
Nov 21-25 Loi Krathong Festival: On Chao Phraya river

Many GH now have internet facilities. fees are almost same everywhere.1-2B/min, Print 10B/sheet However there are a few cheaper internet access points through out BKK, 0.5B/min.
Recently you can get signal of wi-fi in various places. If you have a wi-fi PC, you can get free internet access.
@1 Secret Garden 2F: Walk S from the police station near Khaosan Rd. Right side of the road. 20B for unlimited time. Also the cheapest international phone in Thailand to major countries.
@2 internet Cafe: just 20m N from the police at entrance of the alley to Israel restaurant.Possible to video/voice chat with some PC 0.5B/min. Also 3F of the Israel restaurant.
@ CATNET: Bangkok Airport Terminal departure lounge, as you enter to the floor, right end of the floor. 5B/min. (cards from 100B)
@5 Free internet with wifi: Ethos Restaurant: E from Khaosan Rd, on the road behind Burger King. Free "Wi-Fi" Use of electricity 25B for 3 hours Also a few restaurants on the same street offer similar services.
 @6 Free internet with wifi: At Siam Square free wi-fi

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