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Dec.13-19: Ayutthaya World Heritage Site Festival

Ayutthaya's sights are scattered around both on the island and on the mainland of Ayutthaya. Most of the main ones are located Central/W of the island and are walkable but bicycle is probably the best way to get around them. To see all of Ayutthaya's sights bicycle or tuk-tuk is necessary.
The pamphlet from TAT has a good guide and map, adequate for looking around Ayutthaya.

The numbers with "S" relating to the "Ayutthayta tourist map" numbers.

S0 Ayutthaya Historical Study Center: Rotchana Rd. S side 100B Student 50B M-F9:00-16:30, SaSu9-17:00, Information service & library. Exhibition on Ayutthaya history.The ticket is valid for Japanese Settlement.
S25 Chao Sam Phraya National Museum: Rachana Rd. SE from TAT 30 B, W-Su 9-16:00 Good historical collection of artifacts and other materials dating from Ayutthaya period.
S35 Chanthara Kasem Palace National Museum: N from Post Office on U-Thing Rd., NE part of town 30B W-Su 9-16:00

Illumination at night 19:00-21:00. A few GH organize tours with 100B/p
S14 Wat Phra Si Sanphet: N from TAT. 8-18:00, light up between 19-21:00, Entry fee: 30B, The largest, most beautiful Wat in Ayutthaya. The prototype for the Grand Palace complex in Bangkok.
S13 Ancient Palace: Almost NW of the island, near the Lop Buri river. 8-18:30, The former residence of Ayutthaya kings.
S15 Wihan Phra Mongkhol Bopitr: S from Si Sanphet site. M-F8:30-16:30, SaSu8:30-17:30, Entry: free
Houses a 16th C, 12.5m high bronze Buddha.
S28 Wat Phra Mahathat: E from Wat Phra Si Sanphet. E end of the historical park. 8-18:00, light up between 19-21:00, Entry fee: 30B Founded in 1300's as Buddhist center, destroyed in 1767. Within the site is one of the most incredible sights in Thailand - a sculptured Buddha head within a tree trunk (see photographer: Abe gallery). Highly Rec
S27 Wat Ratchaburana: Opposite Wat Mahathat. E end of the historical park.8-18:00, light up between 19-21:00, 30 B. Built in 1420s. Famous for mural paintings in the crypt.
S24 Wat Phra Ram: N from TAT across the street. 8-18:00, light up between 19-21:00, Entry fee: 30B Built in 1369 by King Ramesuan.
Attractively illuminated at night.
S16 Khun Phaen's residence: N from TAT Entry: free
Traditional Thai house built 1894. Khum Phaen is a folk hero and he is believed to have been imprisoned here.
S9 Wat Lokkyasutharam: NW of the island. It has a name as Wat, But there is no temple. Only a huge sleeping, 29m long Buddha left on the field. Rec
S51 Elephant ride: Pa Thon Rd, walk N from the information office and turn left at the first corner. 400B/p for 20 min ride in the historical park.

Outside of the island
S1 Queen Suriyothai's Chedi:
S2 Wat Phu Khao Thong: Just outside, NW from the town. Take route 309 N and turn left to route 3060. Built by Burma's King Burengnong and it has Burmese style. Landmark of W gate of Ayutthaya.
S5 Wat Chaiwatthanaram: just out from SW of the town, 8-18:00, light up 19-21:00, 30B
S45 Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon: SE from the train station. 8-17:00, light up between 19-21:00built in 1300s by King Naresuan. 20B Landmark for E gate of Ayutthaya
S38 Wat Phanan Choeng: just outside from the SE of Ayutthaya town.9-16:00, 20B Built in 1300s. You can take a boat from Phet Fortress(S37)
S34 Elephant Kraals: NE from the city.
Built in 1580 by King Maha Chakrapat.
It was used for capturing and training wild elephants.
S41 Japanese Settlement:
S21 Wat Naphramen: just out side from the island from NW corner. M-F8:30-16:30, SaSu8:30-18:00, 20B This is a only temple was not destroyed when the rest of Ayutthaya was destroyed in 1760. Originally built in 1499 and in 1596 The Buddha image, holly script and monks were sent to this temple from Burma as the result of peace treaty. But at 1760 war, this temple became Burmese camp and cannons were fired from here. This is why this temple was not destroyed.
S Boat trip: Ayutthaya is an island, surounded by rivers.  200B 16:00-18:00 Ask at your GH

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