Area Code 035, $1= 35B June 10, 2007

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Night stalls: Many on Naresuan Rd. The most popular ones are on the main Rd. in front of Bangkok Bank. Many different dishes and full of locals. Highly Rec.
Fast Food:
All fast food are on the main Rd. around Amiporn Dept shore. Mac Donald, KFC, Swensen's Dunkin Donuts, Daily Queen.
r1 Chao Phrom Market: Naresuan Rd. local cheap
Tauchin Rest.:
In Chao Phrom market, Thai/Seafood 6-21:00 cheap and great tasty food. Rec by a traveler
r2 Amiporn Food Center: across from Amiporn on Naresuan Rd local cheap 9:00-21:00 Only a few stalls. quality is low. Also many stalls in front of Amiporn Dept. and many first food, such as McDonald, KFC, etc
r Schitzel House: near the pier N, schnitzel + fried potato 59B New german owner restaurant.
r4 Ayutthaya Hotel: Naresuan Rd. near Amiporn Thai/western lunch buffet 150B 11-14:00 includes coffee Excellent value Rec
r5 Mookata(Thai style BBQ): Naresuan Rd. + Soi Naresuan Rd. all you can eat Thai BBQ, 69B, open at night (2004 info)
r6 Night market(Hua Ro M.): NE corner of island local cheap Many different kinds of food. Rec (2002 info)
r7 local restaurants: E from Wat Lokaya Sutharam
local cheap good food, No English menu.
To order point at what locals are eating. Rec
r8 Kum Khun Mung: Across from Wat Mahathat.Rec
moderate 10:00-22:00, photo menu. good value food.
r9 Rim nan Tela Pan: U Thong Rd, Riverside near Police St.
Thai/Seafood Great location overlooking the river. Outside seating. Popular with Thais. Rec

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