Area Code 035, $1= 35B June 10, 2007

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Many guest houses are located in the area, just N. from the central town Bus station. This is the best area to look for accommodation.


Near the Piers train station side
If you arrive by train, walk toward the piers(W) A few GHs on the left. Rate Single / Double
h1 Chintana GH: M 10 T.Kamung The first GH on the left, sb f s100B d150B C2 @(30B/hr no Japanese) basic
h2 Mint GH: N 30/1 M 10 Tambol Kramang,, sb f s100/d150 C2 R(30-40B) basic
h3 Baan Are Gung: just next to the pier.f sb d150B, ab 250B, a/c d350 C4 @(25B/hr no Japanese) Large rooms in a Thai sytle house. New GH large common space.

Near the Piers
If you arrive by train, walk toward the piers(W) A few GHs on the left.
h4 Old Place GH: k-102 U-Thong, between 2 boat landings, T035-211161, sb d200 C2, table & chair ab d3250-400, a/c d400B CTV C4 R rooms are basic. Tables at the river side.
h5 BannKun Pra: #7 moo 2, Rojana road, T035-241978, sb large antique rooms d600B, ab small basic rooms d00B C3 Old antique Thai style house. tables and chairs on the river side. Good atmosphere but a bit expensive

Near Chao Phom Market
Most common guest house area. From Naresuan Rd. at Ayuthaya Hotel, opp from the bus station, go into N
h6 Ayuthaya Hotel: 12 M4 Tessabarn Soi 2(Naresuan Rd.). T035-232855, ab a/c d1200 HW TV fr bf C5 Rec
This hotel has a guest house section ab CTV f a/c d550B C4 R @(10B\15min Japanese) good facility Lunch buffet is serived with 150B Rec
h7 Tony's Place: 12/18 Naresuan Rd soi 8. T035-252578
f sb dr100, d200 C4, ab d300-350, a/c ab HW d450-800 HW R C4, Relatively new GH and good facility but it is an expensive GH. Serving good food.
h8 Ayutthaya GH: 12/34 Naresuan Rd. T035-232658, sb s150B d200B C3, ab f 300B, a/c d400 HW C4 R rental bike(50B), Very popular. The rooms are simple but the lounge is very comfortable. The toilets equipped with toilet paper.Rec
h9 Chantana House: 12/22 Naresuan Rd. soi 1, just opp from Ayutthaya T035-323-200,, f ab s/d350(LS d200) a/c d450B C4 Very new Gh and clean rooms.
h10 PU Inn Ubonpon (PU GH): 201 M4 behind Ayutthaya GH T035-251213,, f sb s180B, ab f d350, CTV fr a/c d530B C4 La R Homely atmosphere. It has been renovated a few years ago and still looks new. Most valued GH to stay in Ayutthaya Highly Rec
h11 Old BJ GH(BJ 1): 16/7 Naresuan Rd.,T251526 f sb s100 d160, C2, rental bike 50B Very popular but too basic
h12 Baan Lotus: Pamaphrao Rd. T035-251988, Walk N from Ayutthaya GH and turn left on the first road. f sb s230 d300, desk ab d350B C4 Thai style house with large veranda in a large garden Rec
h13 MJ GH: Pamaphrao Rd. W from Baan Lotus. f sb s150 d200, C4 Old Thai style house.
h14 SK GH: 26 M4 Klong makhamriang Rd T035-231968, f sb s180 d250, C5 Nicely renovated Thai style house. Rec

Closer to the Historical Park
500 W from the center of town, but very close to internet shops. W from the bus station for BKK E from Wat Rachaburana. Rate Single / Double
h15 Baan Suan GH(PS GH): 23/1 Chakkrapat Go W from the market on Naresuan Rd. and turn right at BJ GH T035-242394,, f sb s150 d250, a/c d400 C4 Owned by English teacher, large garden. Relaxing balcony, Social GH. Rec
h16 Grand Parent's Home: 22/6 Mantana Naresuan Rd, T035-231480,, f sb 150/250 C2, a/c sd300 d400 C3 Good name but too basic and no communal space.
h17 Thongthai GH: 916 Mabaraj Rd T035-245210,
f ab TV(L) d250C2 basic, look like a cheap motel but with private bathroom. Not bad value

Other Area (2004 info)
h20 Sherwood House: Dechawut Road,just W from the post office on Dechawut Rd. SE from the historical park.T035-321-631
f sb d250,a/c d350 Swimming pool R C4 Sw visitor 40B
h21 Wiangfa Hotel: 1/8 Rochana Rd. Out of the Centre.
T241353/F321572 email:
f ab s/d300 a/c 400, +HW450 C4
Quiet, beautiful garden, big rooms, higher standard. Rec.

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